I get all sorts of garbage and hate thrown at me all the time. I really don’t give a fuck about most of it, honestly. It’s what happens when you have a site like this and a social network like mine. It’s like casting out a net into the sea to catch some tuna, but in addition to the tuna you collect a bunch of other debris.

You do what you do with all debris – pitch it.

But there is simply one piece of trash I’m not going to ignore, and that involves the Trumptarded sycophants infecting gay culture in general and in particular the Dom/sub and BDSM communities. They view one-term, twice-impeached American humiliation Donald Trump as some sort of brain-damaged Alpha and his redneck, trailer-park dumbasses with their monster trucks plastered in Trump paraphernalia as worthy of worship.

The free and fair election loss in November didn’t stop them. The efforts to overturn the election results didn’t stop them. The horrific assault on the Capitol of the United States and the attempted coup of our Democratic Republic didn’t stop them. The awful resurgence of COVID didn’t stop them. These “people” are more akin to rabid dogs, and we all know what happened when Old Yeller got rabies.

They had to shoot the damned dog.

Meanwhile I have Republican faggots writing to me and saying shit like this:

Since when did being a faggot become political? I thought this was a site about fags, faggots and faggotry and not a place for your personal political ranting. Do you think that all fags are democrats? Do you think that by continuing to speak your mind about the past president will keep republican listeners tuning in to your podcast? Do you think that independent voters really want to hear about either? I’m not saying your opinion isn’t right – because it’s yours, but by you telling your audience theirs is wrong doesn’t make you right. Stick to the reason you developed this site for and maybe start something new for your political views. 

Here’s how I responded to this mouth breather:

Listen carefully – 

I met a gay boy through my website that I eventually discovered lived in Syria. His life was in danger. Trump’s racist ban on Muslims in February of 2017 prevented me from rescuing that boy to America. Telling that boy he was no longer welcome in my country because we had a racist as President broke that boy’s heart, and mine as well. I managed to rescue that boy by endangering that boy’s life for two years and spending thousands of dollars of my own money. 

I tell you this because I have a very personal, site-related reason why I hate Trump and any Republicans who support him. There are plenty of other reasons to hate Trump, but that’s my personal reason. 

If you’re a faggot dumb enough to support Trump and his anti-gay policies (or that of the Republican party in general), then I have even less sympathy for you.

What it really comes down to is this: it’s my podcast, it’s extremely personal to me, and I don’t give a fuck if dumbass Republican faggots like you listen to my podcast or my website. Is that clear enough for you? Frankly, I’d prefer it if you all would stop breathing, but just going away and shutting your entitled mouths will suffice. 

Fuck off and die,
sam the faggot

Is that clear enough for everybody? This is NOT a “matter of opinion” to me, okay? Racism is not up for debate. Neither is the attempted overthrow of my government. Vaccinations and masks are not supposed to be “personal choices” during a worldwide pandemic that has claimed the lives of MILLIONS of people and destroyed many more.

I don’t have a big voice, but I’ve got one. And I’ll use this platform and any other in whatever way I see fit in order to project that voice and my message out into the world. I will fight against Trump’s brand of hatred and dishonesty and division and anti-science stupidity with my very last breath.

You don’t like it? Well, my letter above tells you exactly how I feel about your feelings.

~ sam the faggot