A few days ago I discovered that Masters Nick and Matt were dating new girls. By “discovered,” I mean I suspected something was up with them based on their recent silence and flat-out asked them. And sure enough, my Spidey sense was correct again.

I’m happy for them, of course. They’re straight Alphas who still have a natural attraction to females (and especially certain female body parts). It helps them feel connected to certain important aspects of their Masculinity; squiring a beautiful woman on a date or making love to her makes a Man feel socially and sexually desirable.

Of course, as two Alphas who own faggots, there is an issue looming on the horizon: when and how do you explain the existence of these faggot slaves to the new girlfriends?

It’s an issue Master Jin recently confronted with his last girlfriend. He point-blank told her than Chin is his faggot and that wasn’t changing. So she left.

Masters Nick and Matt have been huddling on the issue, and they have decided that they will very soon tell their new girlfriends about their faggots. And their resolve to continue owning faggots seems to be as strong as ever. Said Master Matt the other day:

(Fucking her) is not as good as with my faggot … I can see myself always having a faggot now.

One curious side effect of these two great Alphas fucking females again is that they come home to fuck their faggots with even more aggression than usual. The faggots have told me this, and it’s something I experienced with straight Alphas I’ve served.

My theory: Alphas are forced to restrain themselves while fucking females (especially new girlfriends), so the Beast inside them wants to RUT when he gets back to his faggot holes.

Regardless, Masters Nick and Matt continue to be fearless trailblazers. Every faggot lucky enough to be owned by them can rest assured that they are safe at their feet!