About a week ago I received an unexpected question from Master Matt. He wanted to know what I thought about his idea to release his faggot Michael from his chastity cage for a day.

I could see positive and negative ramifications from such a move. Of course, Michael is an excellent faggot and probably deserves such a gift from his Master. I also thought that it might highlight Master Matt’s benevolence and thoughtfulness (it’s there inside him beneath the tough exterior and the power ruts).

On the other hand, setting Michael free (even for just one day) might encourage further whining about the cage. And, of course, Master Matt and his faggot are close to Master Nick and his four faggots, and I worried about open rebellion if Master Matt made this move.

My response to this idea was the only sensible one: Michael is his faggot and he owns it, so whatever he wanted to do with it should not be questioned.

A week went by without an update, and I thought Master Matt had dropped the subject. Then yesterday I discovered that Master Matt had unlocked Michael two mornings ago and let him enjoy a day without his cage!

During his free day Michael spent some of it with his faggot brother Alex. The two made out for part of their time, and Michael got a tiny erection from the session. Michael also thoroughly waxed his clit and balls for what he knew was coming at the end of the day: the recaging of his clit.

At the end of the day Master Matt returned home to find his faggot there waiting. Master Matt performed the task of putting the cage back on his faggot (which he loves to do, surprisingly) and told Michael he was a good faggot. Then he mounted Michael and deeply bred his faggot’s pussy, reasserting his ownership once more.

Meanwhile, over at Master Nick’s house, Alex was telling Master Nick about Michael’s day of freedom. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Master Nick was furious over Master Matt’s decision.

Alex asked if he could be uncaged. “No,” responded Master Nick flatly, “only over my cold, dead body.”

Despite the controversial move, it seems like Master Matt made the right decision with his faggot. Said Master Matt: “I think it has helped us grow closer together.” (Excuse me while my heart melts)

But listen to what Michael said afterward:

I asked Matt if I could have my cage back on. It did not feel right to be out of the cage. I wanted my cage back on. This is the way things are meant to be.


We will probably not see Master Nick bend on his strict chastity policy, but Master Matt’s benevolent action in this case yielded peaceable fruit. Most importantly, it gave Michael a new perspective on the value and importance of his cage.

It’s not just words anymore, not theoretical. It’s life experience.

Faggots should be caged and do not deserve to use their skin flaps like a cock. Cocks are for Men.

Michael knows that now in a way that is deeply personal to him!