This thread features the story of Achim, a 55-year-old German faggot who has spent many years in service to straight Alphas. CLICK HERE to read the posts in this thread in chronological order!

Several days ago I received a question from Achim, a 55-year-old German faggot who had spent years serving straight Alphas and was having a problem with his current Alpha. The 28-year-old Alpha had become unresponsive, and Achim didn’t know what to do.

I had a sneaking suspicion that the Alpha was getting cold feet and trying to ghost the faithful faggot, so I carefully advised him to stop putting energy into chasing this Alpha down. I just hoped I was wrong.

Well, I received this wonderful message from him today:

Hi Sam, I want to tell you that you were absolutely right! The Alpha (if he was one) has indeed blocked me and hid from me. Your advice not to put any energy into it was right! And also your prognosis was right: I met another straight Alpha. He is 23 years young; so also very young. But He knows what He wants. He has no experience with fags so far, but He is self-confident enough to admit that. Today i went to him for the first time to clean his apartment. He wants me to do the housekeeping regularly at His place, which i do with pleasure. He is dominant, but at the same time respectful and friendly. He takes what belongs to Him without breaking anything. I think I fell in love with him right away. He also looks very attractive. I hope he will cunt me one day.
Greetings fag Achim


What I truly love about Achim’s example here is that, instead of moping over a lost Alpha, he got right back up and submitted to another, more appreciative Alpha! THIS is the attitude faggots need to have! Never give up pursuing what truly fulfills you no matter how old you are!