Introduction to Using Cocksuckers for Straight Men


Master Jerrod Says: Straight men, I’m gonna tell you why you should use a cocksucker.

We’ve all heard the jokes about how getting married is the worst decision you can make. Women just aren’t into sex like we are, so, sadly, we end up using our hand a lot. There are exceptions and a few dozen married men are completely happy with their sex life but most are not.

If you asked most straight men to rate a fantastic blowjob against pretty much everything else in life (except maybe winning the lottery), most are gonna choose the 15 minute “mind-blowing” blowjob.  For those of you whose girlfriends or wives do it poorly (most of them in my experience), that’s how amazing a good blowjob feels. Sure, fucking is great, but nothing beats unzipping your fly to get head. It’s fast, convenient and provides instant stress relief.

So, yeah, Jerrod I get it, blowjobs are great but how does that affect me. I’m straight, not queer.

Well, if you’re straight and married or have a gf, I’m here to tell you the solution to the infrequent or bad blowjob.  I’ve met a lot of married and a few bisexual guys over the years and they all say the same thing: sex frequency is a BIG problem. It was a problem for me when I was married. In fact it often leads to divorce. You start to feel a little resentment when the frequency drops off.  After your first kid, she is rarely in the mood or has enough energy.  So you resort to your hand and you drift apart just a little bit further.  Months and years pass and you drift some more and resent her more. That can accelerate to the point where you rarely have sex of any kind and definitely not the frequency you need to be happy.

Most guys want the regular married life with a wife and maybe kids, BUT they also want fantastic sex and blowjobs on a regular basis, say one per day, maybe less, maybe more when you’re stressed. I know you’re not getting that, not even close, after the first month or two of marriage, if you were lucky enough to get it then.  We all have an intense need for sex.  That’s why men jerk off, many daily.  Our sex drive is nature’s way to guarantee survival of the species. Women on the other hand, seek security for the kids they already have – again nature’s way of keeping humans in the rotation.  But face it guys, after they’ve had a few kids, they have no real need for your dick. Your money, yes, your dick, not so much. It’s that simple. Oh sure, some of them like to get fucked from time to time, or will give you a blowjob now and then as a kind of reward for taking out the fucking garbage or because it’s your birthday, but it’s nothing like the frequency or quality you’d choose if you could have amazing blowjobs whenever you wanted. So, that’s the problem. Men want good blowjobs, and women aren’t giving them.

Now for the solution, and all it takes is a change of perspective. That’s all. You just have to THINK about it DIFFERENTLY. Nothing earth-shattering, no pie-in-the-sky, no bank transfer from Nigeria.  You just have to think about things a little differently. Things you’ve taken for granted as truths that are anything but. Ditch some of the programming you’ve been stuck with since you were old enough to pull on your dick. The lightbulb might just go on above your head.  

The programming says that if you let a guy touch you, you must be queer. Just think for a moment about how stupid that is.  How could someone touching you change who you are?  You know you’re straight. You’ve never questioned that. Letting a cocksucker give you a blowjob is just one more way you can make the world work for you.  You’re driven to succeed, make money, be happy, acquire things, have fun, so why shouldn’t you have a blowjob whenever you want it?

Because there are millions of cocksuckers out there who just want to suck you off without asking anything from you in return.  I call them cocksuckers because that’s what they do – it’s undeniable and I don’t use it as a put-down.  But cocksuckers are not the same as garden variety gay guys.  Cocksuckers are gay guys who want to suck cock, pretty much any cock, pretty much all the time. You don’t have to be a young stud, a ripped model, or a jock to get their attention. You just have to own a cock. And they pretty much will worship the ground you walk on. They’re desperate to suck off a straight guy. You’re far more attractive to them than another gay guy.  They don’t want a husband, or boyfriend or a white picket fence, they just want straight dick in their mouth, as often as possible. Why? I don’t have the slightest idea.  They will accept gay dick as a substitute but what they really want is straight dick, and lots of it. These guys are different from the gay guys who are looking for a husband or boyfriend. Don’t assume all gay guys want this, but many certainly do and it’s not hard to figure out who they are, in fact, there’s an app for that.

Most straight guys will never experience a bj from this type of cocksucker or any male primarily because of the programming in their head.  But some smart guys (you could be one of them) can experience it with very little effort.

Many cocksuckers will do pretty much anything you tell them (and I do mean anything).  I have cocksuckers constantly asking if they can suck my cock.  And I could get many of them to do a lot more.  And you call the shots. You want to fuck his mouth, go for it. You don’t have to be gentle. It might not be comfortable for him, but he’ll be back.  Straight cock and jizz is like heroin to him.

So, what if I told you there was a way for you to get a blowjob whenever you wanted?  The only thing you’d have to do is ask for it and someone would give it to you, no questions asked, no cuddling afterward, no expensive dinner to pay for, no incessant chatter you have to pretend is interesting. To make this possible, all you have to do is realize that you would enjoy a bj from a guy. Just realize that one fact.

I can hear you saying right now, “Fuck no, Jerrod, I don’t want a dude on my junk.  And I wouldn’t get hard anyway, I’m not into dudes”.

I’ll repeat. To make this possible, all you have to do is realize that you would enjoy a bj from a guy. Think about that for a second.  Forget what you learned as a kid that the only bj that feels good is from a girl, in fact they’re usually shit at it. Think about it. No straight guy has ever got a bj from a guy and thought “I didn’t enjoy that” unless the guy giving it was bad at it, like toothy or something, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about guys who are talented cocksuckers doing the sucking.

Well, remember what I said earlier about ditching your programming? That’s how easy this is. Once you ditch your programming and you realize that receiving a bj from a dude doesn’t change who you are (how could it?) – you’re still the straight dude you always were. It really is that easy.  Many completely straight guys have figured it out, many of them Alphas.  But you don’t have to be an Alpha to get a cocksucker to blow you.  You just have to be straight or bi.  It’s all in your mind-set.  And mind-sets can be changed in the blink of an eye when the right thought patterns reflect on the obvious truth:  RECEIVING a blowjob cannot possibly change who you are, obviously. Critical to this new understanding, is that you have to realize that society (mostly religion) has programmed you to think the way you do, but these attitudes have only been around for a thousand years or so, a blink of the eye in human history. They do not reflect any kind of basic truth, they’re just cultural programming.  We were around a long time before some priest decided who could touch your pecker or not and I can guarantee you, no caveman ever refused a blowjob from a dude.  All you have to do to make this happen is realize that you’ve been deceived.  You’ve been programmed to think that only a certain type of sex is ok.  A good blowjob feels exactly the same whether it’s being given by a girl or a guy, or even better because guys have bigger mouths and know how the equipment works.  I can guarantee that you will enjoy it.  Everybody knows that cocksuckers do it better because they’re guys.  And a cocksucker is never gonna tell you not to cum in his mouth.  That’s why he’s there on his knees in front of you BECAUSE HE WANTS YOUR JIZZ IN HIS MOUTH. It’s not a duty he begrudgingly feels that he needs to perform, just so you’ll hang around for another mortgage payment.  Fuck, I’m a cynical dude. And since the guy blowing you knows you’re straight, he knows you’re not gonna do anything else for him.  That’s how much they like blowing, they don’t expect anything in return from you other than a mouthful of your jizz.

So let’s say just for argument sake, that you think about this and think maybe a bj from a dude wouldn’t be so bad. Purely hypothetical. Let it percolate around in your head for a minute.  You’ll realize that all the straight thugs in prison aren’t turning gay from all the bj’s they receive.  Convicts get the fact that a bj from a guy is just as good as from a girl, in fact it’s usually better for another reason. You can be rougher with a cocksucker, hold him down on it, face fuck him which you can’t do with a girl.  I think bisexual guys (I’m bisexual by the way) have figured it out too.  They want the straight married life, but with the satisfaction of bjs from an expert at giving them (a dude).  Actually there’s a lot more going on than that, but that is part of it for some bi guys.

So you say, “ok, maybe a bj would feel good from a guy even though I’m straight, so now what?

Well somewhere between 1 and 5 percent of guys are basically cocksuckers. Stay with me now – you’re really gonna learn something. Oh sure, there’s a few gay guys who don’t suck cock, and a few who won’t swallow (fuck that shit) but many gay  guys operate on a hierarchy, in the sense that they might not blow an effeminate little twink, but give them a straight acting he-man or any straight man at all and they’re on their knees in a second.  And you know what? If you’re a bonafide straight or married guy, you go right to the top of the list, so leave that ring ON your finger! Doesn’t matter if you’re a little overweight, or a little older or short on cash or that you don’t look like Channing Tatum.  So … why are you so desirable when you think you’re so ordinary? For a lot of reasons:

  • First you’re perceived as more masculine / sexier than any gay guy just because you’re straight.
  • Second he knows you’ll keep your mouth shut because you won’t want your wife / gf to find out and the cocksucker’s bf won’t find out either.
  • Third, you’re perceived to be less likely to have a disease, apart from maybe chlamydia.
  • Fourth: you’re not gonna fall in love with your cocksucker. When he’s done you’re gonna zip up and disappear from his life which is what he wants too (though it is possible to develop a stable of suckers if that’s what you want, available at a moment’s notice).

The part you don’t know: Unlike many women who think they’re dirty, gay guys adore cocks, your cock, your cum, your nuts, you name it, they love it and they can’t get enough of it.  It really is true. So they invented an app (actually several apps), the best known being Grindr. Grindr is like having your own little harem of cocksuckers just waiting for you to be in their neighbourhood and everywhere you go where guys have smart phones, your little harem will be waiting for you. Grindr is a VERY popular app. Literally, millions of eager cocksuckers just one swipe away.  Grindr even tells you how close the cocksuckers are (in feet) and lets you connect with them when you need a bj. I’m not kidding. All you do is add married or straight to your profile and you’ll have more cocksuckers looking to blow you NSA (no strings attached) than you can handle. Of course if you live in Buttfuck Mississippi, your selection will be more limited and you might have to drive to a big city, but you get the idea.

So, what would you prefer, lots of great bj’s or very few less than enthusiastic ones.

Having a sucker or two on the side could even STRENGTHEN your marriage in the long run because a guy who’s got a cocksucker on the side will be far less likely to cheat with another woman which is the real threat to a marriage. Think of it this way: you’re doing your wife a favour because a cocksucker on the side is actually a marriage-strengthener and reduces her load (so to speak).

Before all you guys crash the Play Store getting your free Grindr account, a few more words on your blowjobs.  Some of the guys on Grindr say they are looking for relationships, friends, dates, etc. and pretend they don’t do quick hookups but all that gets forgotten when they see fresh new straight meat appear on their phone.  They talk a good line and get all holier than thou about the guys who use Grindr for a quick bj, but most of them will do a quick bj for a married or straight guy. The trick to using Grindr is to cut through all the bullshit.  Just say exactly what you want, and you’ll find someone who’ll provide it. And you don’t ask him if he’ll do something, you just tell him what you want or expect him to do.  If you’re really adventurous, the sky’s the limit, you can ask for anything.  Never had deep throat? no problem, want a rimjob? no problem, there’s cocksuckers out there who’ll beg you for the chance. And because the cocksucker knows you’re straight, they have no expectations of anything else from you except a mouthful of cum.  They don’t get to jerk off, or kiss you or cuddle with you.  They’re dismissed when you cum. 

If you’re a cocksucker and want to suck a straight guy, send him here to read why he should use you.