This is a thread about an Australian faggot named Jono who now serves a powerful straight Alpha after years of friendship. CLICK HERE to read all posts in chronological order

It’s been a little while since I last heard from my Australian brother Jono, a faggot in his forties who came under the control of an Alpha god approximately half his age. 

His email began with this lovely opening:

brother sam,

it’s early morning in Sydney and my Alpha just made me go with Him for a drive to watch the sunrise.

He sent me a text first but when it didn’t wake me up, my beautiful Alpha came into my room at 5am and woke me up by tapping on my head firmly with one finger. I hoped He wanted my mouth but not so far today. Just a drive together.

He drives fast. I find it thrilling. I feel like His redneck wife sitting beside Him in the car.

So far today there has been no sex. He brushed up beside me and whispered in my ear lots and He brushes my arm often, but that’s as intimate as it’s got today. So far. I hope He fucks my throat later.

We just sat and watched the sun come up sitting together in His car while He vaped and He gave me orders about what He wants me to do today in His apartment while He’s at work.

He really knows how to make me want Him.

Anyway, as we sat there in silence watching the sun pop up out of the sea, I thought about how all this started. 

Isn’t it funny how we tag along with Alphas on the most innocuous trips just so we can be in their presence? Faggots are like little school girls around these great and powerful Men!

Anyway, here’s the story Jono related:

About five years ago, we started hanging out as friends, and we found a mutual love of watching fighting: boxing, MMA, bare-knuckle. All of it. We love it all and we still watch it together. It wasn’t long before we started sparring. At first, we would just practice our boxing. Soon it turned to wrestling. I realized early on that I WANTED to lose every fight with Him. This is odd for me because I’m very competitive.

Gradually over time, the fighting got more intense and turned to wrestling. After a while, I even stopped fighting back. His hand would occasionally brush what was then my penis (it’s now my clit to Him). He would touch me often and my fag brain hoped it wasn’t an accident, but every time it happened, He made it seem like it was an accidental touch. But I hoped and I hoped. I never mentioned it in case it made Him stop doing it.

The line between two play-fighting males and rutting Man and fag is blurred. So it’s hard to pinpoint the moment things changed. I knew I wanted Him. It took me some time to realize He wanted me too and even longer for Him to act on it.

I remember one day I was lying on my bed and He has His forearm across my neck while He punched me in the head. I had long since given up fighting back and He must have noticed that. He looked down at me this one rime, and I saw a look in His eye that I’ve come to know well and He said “baby, I want to fuck you.” He quickly changed the subject. But He must have seen the desire in me.

About the same time – I honestly don’t know how I got the courage to do this, but I guess I’d just read the signs for long enough – He was at my apartment and He needed a piss. I told Him that I’d been reading piss was healthy to drink and would He mind letting me drink His golden liquid. He thought I was joking, but He brought me a glass full of His Alpha urine and I remember it so clearly… He said “Merry fucking Christmas” as He handed me the glass. I don’t know when this was. Early winter 2019 (about May).

brother sam, I wanted His piss so much. But I was too scared to admit it. So I said something like “I’m joking bro, I ain’t into that” and I tipped it all out in front of Him. I laughed. He laughed.

About a week later, I asked again. This time at His apartment. I can still see the look of utter astonishment on His face when I drank every drop in front of Him. He said, with amazement “you did it!” He admitted to me later that He had no idea I wanted Him. “You hid it so well” was his comment about that. For the next few weeks, that’s all we did. Sometimes He would let me drink his piss out of a glass. Not every time but often enough.

By late July (mid-winter in Sydney), I had started drinking His urine most days. One day in early August I got brave. He was at my house and I said: “can I drink the piss straight out of your dick?” I’ll lie on my back in the shower and you can hose me. He said “ok” and He grabbed me and led me to my bathroom. I lay down waiting for piss but He said “get on your knees.” Instead of a soft cock, he pulled out a massive erection. I still thought He was going to piss on me but instead – without asking – He pushed His massive dick into my throat.

More soon.

Love, jono the faggot 

How’s that for an “Origin of Alphahood” story??

I am honestly dying to see this Alpha or, better yet, a picture of this Alpha’s dick in Jono’s mouth! He sounds like a monumental Supreme Alpha, and I get why Jono is so head-over-heels for him! 

Alphas can be life-changing, man. They alter the fabric of our universe without even trying.

Thanks to Jono for his friendship and inspiration!