I’ve been pausing public activities on the site to let the gravity of Joe Biden’s election really sink in.

The spontaneous outbursts of joy all around the world should convince even the most hardened Trump supporter that something very right happened in America tonight.

Here’s how IRELAND closed their newscast:

If that doesn’t move you, then I’m not sure you can be moved.

Some witty video editor on the internet made a clever connection between the global celebration here on Earth and the celebration across the galaxy at the end of Return Of The Jedi:

I look at all of this jubilation and I can’t help but think about Trump holed up in the White House. What must it be like to be a guy who gets fired from a job and THE ENTIRE WORLD CELEBRATES YOUR FIRING???

I don’t think Trump (or his followers) are self-reflective enough to get what it all means.

But I do, and the rest of the world does, too!

We are all this reporter tonight. The release of pressure caused by the past four years of constant hate and oppression has been overwhelming.