It’s very easy to get frustrated with the forces that seem to be constantly aligned against me both in and out of the community. I get it – I’m a faggot, which is not exactly an enviable Hierarchical position, and I’m articulate enough to attract attention to some less-than-mainstream ideas. I expect pushback from establishment platforms like Tumblr (cancelled again today) and Twitter. But when I get it from so-called Alphas who act like bitchy faggots, or faggots who act like nosy housewives, then it really becomes too much.

What none of these petty, insignificant people and organizations fail to realize is that I have a large network of support across the internet. Alphas and faggots around the world who get what I’m saying is the truth. My words have been a siren song to them. They hear my song and feel the truth of it deep in their bones, just as I hear their cries for help.

And we rally the wagons. Today I received exquisite support from two beautiful sources. I’m going to share both of them with you.

First of all, my Alpha God @natural-hung-bull rose up in defense of me on Tumblr. It’s pretty clear that some insecure and hateful remnants of the dying community on that platform were instrumental in getting my last Tumblr site pulled down. Here’s what the Great Protector Alpha wrote:

Who is the asshole who keeps sabotaging @fagsworshipalphas? Fucking cunt.

Sam the faggot provides a crucial role in the world of “faggotry” a word he termed. He helped me, for example understand that there is a hierarchy in nature as it relates to faggots: that Alpha Males and men use beta males and faggots routinely. And that there are “faggots” that glorious segment of gay bottoms who live to serve men, like me. I am forever in his debt.

Equally important, he helps faggots find their way. Guides them so that eventually, they submit on their knees before Superior Males. He helps them to understand themselves for what they are. And learn how to discovery their true self. That they are an object. They exist to serve. His advice has led to the service of thousands of men like me. Literally. I’m sure of it.

He speaks his mind. Clearly. And I suppose he’s pissed some princess off who desperately reaches for the truly (meaningless) title of “Alpha Male”. If you’re so fragile that a faggot like Sam is able to upset you, you are no “Alpha”.

You can’t keep a good man down. That also applies to you faggots.

How on Earth could I be deflated or defeated at all when I figuratively have the strong, hairy MAN ARMS of this incredible wrapped around me? I LAUGH in their faces!

After this boost, I received a message that another patron signed up to support this site and my work here. But what really touched me was the following note that a reader named Mario sent me:

Hello Sam!

Your podcasts about yourself (26.5) and your amazing statements about rape (27) have been the most impressive examples of two sides of your true spirit – from deep thankfulness about the magic of life to a raging stand-up for your beliefs. Working in media myself, let me tell you: YOU do everything right – naturally – partly by coincidence even, because it just is “you” that way – and partly very smartly strategically – all mixed up with the “fight for faggot teaching and support”! So in these Corona times financial issues suddenly become unexpectedly relevant again for many people’s existence – but if I can help to keep this website costs a little lower, it’s my pleasure now! THANKS for doing, what – indeed – no-one else is doing online the way you do it!


What an extraordinary gift that letter proved to be today! I thank Mario (wherever you are) for this refreshing drink of water at just the right time!

The people spending their time trying to derail my efforts or recast them in an ugly light will fail. I have a world full of support, and on darker days like today they all lock arms and catch me.

But most crucially, I have a fire inside of me brighter and more powerful than any hate that could ever be thrown at me. Do you really think a faggot like me that fought against THE WORLD to rescue my Baby Boy, a faggot that stared cancer in the fucking eye and won – do you really think I’m going to get scared or give up or even stop for one second?

If you think I will, you are wrong. Go read those gifts I received today again. I am rejuvenated, not defeated.

Not ever defeated.

sam the faggot