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It was an auspicious introduction.

Hey fag, you there? Alpha here with a point to make.

A lot of the time when you say ‘hierarchy’ you really mean ‘imperium’. Not all the time, but sometimes. And I think the distinction is a good one to make. Hierarchy is about superiority. One better than the other. Imperium is about control, about domination.

Imperium comes from ancient Rome, it describes the field over which one exercises authority. It is the expansionist philosophy of the rulers of the world.

WOW! What an opening statement! I’ve said it a billion times – intelligent, thoughtful Alphas win over body AND mind! I had to know more.

What I discovered is a burgeoning gay Apex Alpha named Phillip. He has been called “King” by his owned faggots in the past, hence his name here.

Then he began telling me about his overall life thus far in owning and using faggots:

Dominating other guys has been a recurring theme in my life for a long time; since high school.

About seven years ago, though, it hit a fever pitch and I started to discover a whole new side of myself. I’ve been playing the Alpha/fag game off and on since but I haven’t ever fully owned a faggot. I’ve gotten close several times but my life is busy and owning one of you takes time. I haven’t been able to explore more until now. So I mostly stuck to subs, not slaves or faggots, for this reason.

Another reason is that I have been almost exclusively interested in sexual service so far. Domestic service isn’t something I’ve ever received and only recently realized I can get if I want it. Also FinDom isn’t something I’ve done but several subs I’ve had have told me I would make a great Cash Master. So that’s where I’m at right now: about to set out on a fag hunt after a long hibernation.

Although in that opening King Phillip makes it sound like he isn’t really a Master of faggots, he immediately contradicted that with much of what he’s done already:

I bloomed a little late, I think I was 21, but I honed my skills quickly.

I’ve been mulling over a proposition, lately. Another Alpha offered to let me train one of his fags, and I’m considering it. I’ve talked to him for a few years, and he and I have used the same faggot before – never together. The only reason I would turn down the offer is I sense he’s less than trustworthy.

But his faggot is cute. And very broken in that erotic way faggots are. The Alpha, his name is Tom, called me a few times and had me speak to this faggot, who was bound and servicing him for the night. I’m good at working my way into a faggot’s mind, the control that creates is what gets me off.

He says he calls me up like that because he wants the faggot worked up, but I always got the sense he couldn’t do what I did himself. The last faggot this guy and I shared chose me over him, though. It soured our friendship, he got a little competitive. It did make me feel great though, one of his faggots leaving his service because of me and giving me his collar.

During our discussion of King Phillip preparing to take ownership of a new faggot, he asked me if I had any advice for him. It was then that I used the term “firm benevolence” for the first time to describe what I believe to be the critical-yet-harmonious poles of faggot ownership.

Strict benevolence may win out, though haha.

And thus, once again, Alpha wisdom and insight improves a faggot! The new concept became “strict benevolence” for good! (Thank you, Master!)

As far as power is concerned, King Phillip is not lacking. Here was a recent example he shared:

The fag that had submitted itself to me last night and promised to make his holes available for ownership fucking bailed. No contact whatsoever. It was poor behavior.

I went on Grindr, found a bottom, had him over to my new apartment, and decided that this was my faggot. I fucked his face for a good long while (he didn’t advertise as kinky but when you see it, you know it) and wrecked his hole for about 40 mins on my bed.

Afterwards, I asked him about his life and gave him advice, we talked for a long while and he kept staring in my face in that submissive way, with big open eyes that are eager to receive things; orders, cock. He is one of those that has the desire to serve but doesn’t have a master. That connection couldn’t be made without showing him that I can see through that. And that happens with advice and wisdom. And with making him aware that I know he wants to submit.

Startling, unlimited power! What I love is King Phillip’s attention to aftercare. Like a good salesman, aftercare is the “cool down” phase of the sales process where you reassure the customer/faggot that they made the right decision.

In the case of faggots, aftercare only deepens King Phillip’s hold on its soul.

I also love King Phillip’s appreciation of the fact that worship is the key element, and every faggot can be useful.

The last time I was exploring my Dom side, I had two cocksuckers, who I didn’t own, but who were definitely under my control. One was a tall thin business major (college town) I used to facefuck in his apartment in between home and work. He called me King and used to rub my feet after sucking me off, my cum in his hair. I saw him in public a few times and he would bow his head to me slightly, blushing and looking downwards. He was forbidden to be higher than my cock when we were alone. I guess that lesson transferred.

The other one wasn’t as pretty, so he serviced me with the lights out. He was the one I’ve probably cunted most. I would order him to be ready, come to his apartment, and rape his mouth and cunt open over and over until my balls were empty. He whimpered loud and loved it when I sneered at him. And my favorite part was leaving, after I delivered some aftercare, because he was always so worshipful. He wanted it badly, and even when I wore him out totally he was sort of sad to see me go. He valued the strict ruthless power I had over him.

King Phillip has a large cock over seven inches, and decorated by two of the most beautiful balls I’ve ever seen. And with this equipment and his power, he has successfully cunted multiple faggots. I thought he had some interesting thoughts on that:

It’s like putting a collar on a faggot, except this collar is inside their deepest, tenderest place. It feels like power.

He describes the effects of cunting on his faggots:

Mixtures of elation, addiction, and anxiety. One I cunted once, like, six years ago still flirts with me and fawns over me occasionally. He loves to recount to me what I felt like inside him, and can’t help himself but tell me how extraordinary I am. It’s extreme, no doubt. But they love it and I love it. And I love owning a piece of their will.

Cunting is important to King Phillip, because he doesn’t cage his faggots until after they’re cunted.

I can’t tell you what it means to me to discover extraordinary young Apex Alphas like King Phillip in the world! Men like him rule with both body and mind.

I am so grateful that King Phillip reached out to share his insight and his life with me! LONG LIVE THE KING!