This post is part of a thread following Koko, a 17-year-old faggot in London who has been enslaved by his sister’s 25-year-old Alpha boyfriend named Oscar. CLICK HERE to read all posts in this thread in chronological order!

The long delay hearing back from Koko made me nervous. Was he okay? Was he another game player who ghosted me? I have a pretty thick skin these days to this kind of stuff, but I’m still a worrier.

But Koko finally came out of hiding a few days ago. He had gotten into a bad accident and hurt his head, so he was out of commission for a bit.

When he showed up in my DMs, he first had a question from Master Oscar, who apparently had been informed of this site and was intrigued. But the question was even more intriguing.

Master is thinking about having me as a full time faggot. I’m going to be 18 soon and then I could move in with him. He asks if you ever heard of a master with a full time faggot and a girlfriend and how the girls react? Because my sister certainly is in love with him but do you think she could live with him using me as a faggot? Have you ever heard of such a thing? He’s very pleased with me but I still have to learn a lot and I must pay more attention on the streets.

That’s a huge, unexpected leap! I told Koko to tell Master Oscar that I have known Alphas who have girlfriends who know about their ownership of faggots, but in this case the BROTHER aspect of this situation seriously complicates it.

Then Koko followed up that response with another doozy:

Thank you. Master wants to know if you know Masters who are using faggots in front of their girlfriends, not use them secretly, because he doesn’t like to lie. Thank you.

I do, in fact, know of Alphas who use their faggots in front of their girlfriends, but not when the faggot is the girlfriend’s brother. I know I wouldn’t want to be naked and having sex with my sister involved, so I can only imagine a female’s reaction.

After that, I pressed Koko to fill me in on the planned meet-up with Master Oscar’s older Alpha brother Oswald.

From what Koko discovered, Master Oswald is the one who introduced Master Oscar to the use of faggots. Master Oswald currently owns three faggots for sure (because Master Oswald told Koko that directly).

Then Koko relayed the details of their meeting.

Master’s brother is as incredible as he is. They almost look like twins though his brother is older.

I served them all night and they used both my holes a lot. He has multiple faggots from what they said and I was fucked out of my mind. They were talking about DP’ing me and I didn’t know what that is as they were one using my mouth the other using my pussy I thought that’s what they meant but master explained that it means they would both fuck my pussy. At the same time! I don’t even know if that is possible or if they were kidding.

They treated me like a faggot I suppose. They had me serve them drinks and they explored my body and his brother had quite a laugh about my locked dick. Master took it off so his brother could see my how small my dick is and they had another laugh. That was very humiliating. They slapped me for the mistakes I made but they also taught me what they like, how to serve their cocks.

It seems that Master Oswald has an interest in his brother’s new faggot, too.

Next weekend he will be around again. Do you really think they can DP me???? I mean they both have big cocks, how would they go inside at the same time? I can’t even imagine. Master’s brother also wants to bring his faggot then to teach me.

While we were in the midst of talking Master Oscar was calling for his faggot to perform a new and special task …

Master wants me to lick his ass now. I have never done this before and I find the thought disgusting but master assured me I would love it. It’s not like I have a choice.

So when Koko finally returned, he had this to say:

It was amazing! I first thought eeewww, but when I smelled his ass I thought mmmh and then I sniffed and he encouraged me to lick and first I only briefly licked but then I thought it’s not actually this bad…and I licked more and he encouraged me to let my tongue slip inside…yes I loved it. I think I’m addicted now. Am I nuts?

I reassured him that he’s not nuts, just a faggot.

But then my conversation with Koko turned into a troubling territory:

He was laying on his stomach, watching tv. I found that a little upsetting because I thought he’s paying more attention to the tv. I think he really should pay more attention to me.

Then it got even worse when talk turned toward his Master’s relationship with his sister.

Don’t you think Master is a little bit gay? When I ask him he just laughs and says “what’s straight and what’s gay? This whole thing is so overrated.” I hate that he’s fucking girls. I thought maybe he would be attracted only to me and leave my sister.

This is very dangerous emotional territory for a faggot! We must not fall in love or make commitment demands of our Alphas! It will lead to catastrophe every time!

Koko is just learning about service and his purpose, and I’m proud of how well he’s embraced that reality so far.

But that reality can turn harsh very quickly if he doesn’t make the necessary attitude adjustments.

Hopefully Koko will keep the lines of communication so I can continue to guide him!