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Well, most of us were pretty thrilled by the last update about Koko’s service of his Alpha (his sister’s boyfriend) and his Alpha brother. It seemed like an incredible turn of events, and portended of future thrills.

But at the end of the post I mentioned that Koko was complaining about being upset that his Alpha was still dating his sister. Jealousy is a killer between Alphas and faggots, a Hierarchical arrangement that is tenuous on the best of days.

I heard from Koko sporadically over the next few weeks, and whenever we spoke he would be complaining about the ongoing relationship between his Alpha and his sister.

I knew where this was heading, because I was Koko at one time. I let my feelings of love and jealousy overwhelm my reason, and I was dismissed both times it seriously happened. And both times I was crushed beyond belief. I just remember going through the motions, barely able to breathe, and wondering what my Alpha was doing now that I was gone.

So I warned Koko repeatedly about falling for his Master and losing sight of his true purpose in the life of this powerful straight Alpha. Our conversations went like this:

KOKO: I think he really should pay more attention to me

ME: Just be grateful you’re being used by him at all

KOKO: I hate that he’s fucking girls

ME: Get used to it.

I was trying to be as blunt and as cruel as I could in order to get Koko to snap out of it.

Then, after a couple of weeks of silence, I received one lone message: “I think I just upset Master.”

I kept desperately trying to reach Koko to find out what happened, but he wouldn’t respond. Finally, he told me the truth:

He dismissed me because I threw a fit because I wanted him to stop dating my sister. I just thought it’s unfair that he spends so much time with her. He said I’m not in the position to tell him who to date. I’m so sick. I just want to die.

Reality can be harsh for faggots, especially young ones. There’s just no way around it – straight Alphas are going to choose females over faggots almost every time. A faggot trying to make a demand like Koko’s is like a soldier trying to resist an army while standing on a hill of sand. The faggot has no leverage in that situation. So what was already disposable suddenly becomes even easier to throw away.

My heart is broken along with Koko’s tonight. He’s a wonderful, open-hearted faggot who truly received an amazing start at the hands of Master Oscar. I tried to warn him to change course, but unfortunately Koko’s raging infatuation got the better of him. He didn’t hear the wisdom of my words last week, but he gets it now.

If you ask me, I don’t think this situation is over. After all, Koko is the little brother of Master Oscar’s serious girlfriend. And now that Master Oscar’s brother has tasted Koko’s virgin pussy, I wouldn’t be surprised if he came for more.

But for now, Koko is alone with a broken heart. We’ve all been there at some point. Hang in there, little brother Koko!