I was messing around in the backend of the site trying to configure some technical crap in the new FWA merchandise store (now located on the site RIGHT HERE) when I discovered a message from our first customer, a guy named Merrick.

He wrote this:

Sam, just discovered your site this past week and you’ve helped me newly unlock a dimension of myself that is clearly me yet I wasn’t fully in touch with — and it is a joyous discovery! I am in the middle of writing you a long-ass e-mail but, in the meantime, I wanted to show my appreciation for the amazing work you have done with the FWA website and podcasts (which are incredible!) and thought I’d do so via swag purchase. I assume a small portion of the price goes to the swag company(?) and so I’m purchasing two items to hopefully make it a half-decent contribution. Be on the lookout for my e-mail to arrive soon.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

What an amazing, open-hearted letter, and what a wonderful way to support the site! Thank you with all of my heart, Merrick!

This site is (almost) entirely supported by me. I have some generous supporters on Patreon, but it’s not enough to cover the expenses here and be a self-supporting venture.

In the five-plus years of this site, you’ve never heard me complain about expenses or ask for money to support it. Much of this is a labor of love to honor the truth of Hierarchy.

I basically figured that, if people really loved this site and wanted it to continue, they would be moved to reach out and help it flourish. Merrick’s actions are something like what I envisioned.

I thank everyone who has given something to help sustain this unique vision and viewpoint on the internet. It can get bigger, and I have plans to go bigger. But much of what I envision requires money. So I wait patiently while cranking out some of the most extraordinary true stories in the gay community.

We have something unique here. You are not alone anymore. Thank you for your support to make it possible!