Letter From A Slave In The Middle East

As many of you already know, the Middle East is special to me. After all, my Baby Boy was born there, and in 2017 I managed to rescue him from that region of despair and into a new life. In addition, Through the experience of that rescue operation and also through this website I am come to know many souls trapped in that part of the world, all desperate to escape as well.

So it’s special to me for all the wrong reasons.

If it’s possible to hate a region of the world or an entire culture, then I do hate the Middle East. It’s cruel, aggressively backward, and hateful. My Baby Boy is permanently damaged from his hellish experiences there, and for that I will never forgive the people there who inflict such pain.

I take it very personally. I can’t even count the number of times I have been reduced to tears over a letter or message I’ve received from faggots trapped there. I feel my heart start racing with anxiety over some of these situations, and when they disappear their haunting words of despair hang on me for years like cold, wet blankets.

What follows is the latest such letter. It’s from a 24-year-old feminine faggot from Pakistan named Ahmed. This brother was largely abandoned by his family (because of his femininity) and ended up homeless and prostituting himself to survive. Eventually he was picked up and claimed by a 30-year-old wealthy businessman.

But it’s not exactly a “Pretty Woman” tale, as you will soon discover:

Brother sam

I am a faggot from Islamabad Pakistan. I live with a man who is alpha but doesn’t know much about alpha faggot and other things. I service him and sometimes his friends.

I still struggle alot being a sissy sub. I feel uncomfortable sometimes with his friends. He is also very strict. 

In Islamic country men have less access to females without marriage. So they occasionally use faggots gays crossdressers and transgender.
But best thing about him is that he does what u call “cunting” every night. In our society men consider it a moral duty to regularly fuck their partners. Sometimes he is romantic sometimes if he is tired he just mounts and breed. 

I am not educated or have a job. So I am very happy that he provided me shelter and food. He sometimes beats me but otherwise he is generally ok. Most of the day he works so I usually remain alone at home. Sometimes some of his friends may stop by for a quickie. I don’t like them much and don’t want to have sex with them. 

One of them is very abusive if I am alone with him and forced me to drink his urine. I did not tell my man about it. He knows he came by but didn’t know he pisses in my mouth and beats me if I don’t. 

Life is good and I dread the day he will throw me out as I don’t know how I will eat or where to live. Before him I used to beg on streets and did sex work. But it is not steady and we don’t have homeless shelter or social programs for poor people like me. Before that I lived with parents but I had bad reputation in neighborhood which was disrespect to my father and brothers. They told me to be man or leave. 

First I lived with a group of trans people. Our guru (the mentor of the group) ran brothel so it was easier. But then she sold me to a man who took me to a village. I was unhappy so I ran away. Now I couldn’t join any transgender group because my guru had to pay back the man who purchased me. 

After that I traveled different cities mostly begged for money and provided sex services. But during pandemic it was hard as no one had jobs and there was lockdown. It was very bad because of lack of food and shelter I was very worried and didn’t know where to go.

So I met my man in the park where I slept at night and he took me to his place. He is well off and gave me shower and clothes. After few days he just woke me and took me in bedroom where he told me to suck his dick and after that he fucked me. He then said if u be good and clean I can keep u here. Clean my house make food do laundry. 

He smokes and drinks occasionally. If he is angry he beats me. I don’t like the violence but I try to avoid it by making him happy. 

That’s my story as a Pakistani sissy crossdressing faggot. U can share it if u want to. I have no friends faggot or gays or trans. And my man and his friends don’t talk to me much. That’s why I use internet but in our country faggots don’t talk to other faggots trans people don’t talk to me other men want to fuck so i don’t know what’s happening to other peoples in my country. 


Ahmed (fortunately) gave me his phone number, so I’ve been communicating with him. In person, he’s much like the letter above – thoughtful, kind, resilient, and down-to-earth.

Which is what adds to the tragedy of the way he’s being treated. His owner allows multiple friends to come by whenever they need to fuck and essentially rape Ahmed. Sometimes they beat him badly. It makes my heart hollow out.

When I hear faggots in the free world talk about their rape fantasies, I shake my head in disgust and sadness. They don’t know what it really means to be raped, let alone be raped repeatedly by strangers. They don’t know the hopelessness of a faggot slave used this way, trapped in a secretive and unforgiving land.

Here’s the ironic part: he almost feels sorry for ME because I live in a violent and hateful United States! He wrote:

I think america is so not good if you don’t mind me. I cannot understand why they have so many covid cases and deaths. Even poorest countries don’t have this many deaths.

Ahmed actually volunteered for the COVID vaccine clinical trials (for which he was paid 5,000 Rs / $68.00)! Even while stuck in a situation like this he’s still being valuable to society! Great example!

I truly value fag brothers like Ahmed. Like I said at the outset, this issue runs very close to my heart. If I were very wealthy I swear I would create an underground railroad and lead all of the gays trapped in the Middle East to someplace new and safe. They deserve to have a chance at happiness, love, and peace like the rest of us.

If you want to reach out to Ahmed, contact me and I will make it happen. He would love to have a few friends!