I’m a big proponent of the idea that owned faggots should worship their Alphas by licking their asses. Why? Well, it’s a most intimate form of worship, a way for a faggot to truly reduce itself and submit to the weight and power of its Alpha.

And here’s the other part that most Men don’t consider: a Man getting his hole licked by a faggot is very powerful for him, as it elevates him far above the faggot and gives him a feeling of ultimate power over it.

However, many Men (particularly straight Men) mistake ass licking with something submissive, because that is too close to what they do when they eat pussy. In addition, most Men don’t want anything near their assholes because they think it’s “too gay.”

In reality, a faggot licking its Master’s asshole is a purposeful act of deep worship and devotion meant to honor its Master. And the Men who have partaken of it have all felt the same thing – supreme power.

Now, for months I have been working on Masters Nick and Jin to have their faggots lick their assholes. Both straight Alphas were extremely reluctant to have this done, particularly Master Nick. He said to me in one conversation, “It just feels too gay to me.”

I was so stymied by them in my efforts to get them to do this that I uncharacteristically gave up on the idea for a while. However, I couldn’t believe that two straight Alphas as powerful as those two would pass up on this huge opportunity to feel a brand new level of superiority and worship.

But in the last week or so they both decided to try it!

First Master Jin told Chin to lick his ass. Chin was sucking his dick, worked down and licked his balls, and then moved to the underside and began to lick Master Jin’s ass. Master Jin loved it.

Then Master Nick took Alex and had the faggot lick his ass. Master Nick liked it so much that he had the other three faggots under his roof lick his ass!

When I asked Master Nick how it made him feel, his response was simple:

“Like a god.”

Why does it work this way? Well, when a Man eats a woman’s (or a faggot’s) pussy, he doing it out of animal hunger and a desire to prepare the hole for fucking.

But when a faggot licks a Man’s ass, it is purely about worship. The Man’s ass isn’t going to be fucked, just honored.

The ability of the Man to command a faggot to lick his ass is an exhilarating rush, and it feels fantastic to boot. He begins to realize that literally nothing is beyond his reach, that the faggot licking his ass will absolutely do anything to worship him.

I’m so proud of Masters Nick and Jin finally experienced this exquisite form of dominance. They are tremendous Alphas and incredible owners of their faggots. They deserve to have their asses lovingly licked and honored as the gods they are!