As my readers know, I sometimes drive Uber/Lyft at night for extra cash and to meet different kinds of people. It’s a good way to keep engaging with various types of personalities, and I’m a social person by nature anyway.

Every so often I get an Alpha in my car. It’s always an honor to serve these Men in this way.

Last night I was called to a Quik Trip to pick up a Man named Nick. As I sat there waiting, I saw a tall, nicely-muscular younger Man with a sharp jawline and piercing eyes strutting toward me.

Obvious Alpha. And it turned out he was also the Nick who was hiring me for a ride.

I’m not a shy faggot, nor am I ashamed to be a faggot. When I am confronted with such obvious Alphahood, I’m going to talk to him about it.

So I began to make a couple of test statements during our conversation about the fact that he is Alpha. And he agreed! He admitted that he’s always been told he’s Alpha.

Then more obvious facts about his life supported it. He was Homecoming King in high school, and team leader in sports. He works in construction, and at every job he’s ever started he’s often quickly promoted to positions of responsibility.

But then he began to tell me how he noticed that there are two types of Alphas, which he called “good” and “bad” Alphas. I told him I call them “Protector” and “Destroyer” Alphas. Alpha Nick seemed to like that.

“You’re a Protector Alpha,” I told him.

“Yes I am,” he replied, “but I wasn’t always.”

When we reached the destination, I parked the car and we sat and talked. About Hierarchy. About the fact that he is born to lead, and faggots like me are born to follow.

And Alpha Nick was elevated by the conversation. “It’s so great that you accept your place and that we can talk about this. It makes me feel good to hear this from other guys.”

I’ve often said that Men understand Hierarchy at a genetic level. It’s simply understood by all Males regardless of Hierarchical positioning. This fact was revealed by our conversation last night. Alpha Nick and I discussed the truth about Hierarchy together, each acknowledging and accepting the truth about the other.

In the end, Alpha Nick left me energized with new power, and I was left humbled and grateful. This is how Hierarchy is supposed to work between Males.

Alpha Nick gave me his number so we can keep in touch. I hope he puts me to work. He’s a 31-year-old married Alpha with kids, so sadly I doubt he would need domestic service from a faggot like me.

But my car is always his chariot, and I, his humbled and grateful chauffeur.