Master CJ – Bodybuilding Alpha With A Heart

In my time running this website, I’ve been privileged to meet a lot of wonderful Alphas. Sometimes they have taken my breath away with their depth, intelligence, and heart.

When I first met Master CJ (@nerds_muscle), he caught my attention with his easy dominance and his finely-sculpted body. At the time, he didn’t have any faggots serving him regularly in person, and this seemed to be a little frustrating for him. He was receiving findom tributes from online faggots, but a Man of this caliber is born to OWN faggots. He wants to put his hands on his property, use his property, be served by his property.

I was confused. Here was this massive Alpha – a champion bodybuilder – struggling to find faggots to own. As I spoke more with him, I discovered this gentle giant beneath the intimidating exterior. I also found Master CJ to be deliciously sexual. I’ll never forget the super-hot masturbation video he sent to me early in our association, one in which he practically ROARED as he came. It was incredibly sexy. 

These days Master CJ owns three personal faggots who regularly serve him (one he called a “sub” instead of a faggot, but it serves the same function). But, like any Alpha, he wants to own MORE personal faggots.

It is his goal to own three more faggots this year. Can it be you? He lives in New Jersey, USA. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT SERVING THIS GREAT ALPHA, you can contact him on Twitter!

Here are a few videos of Master CJ in action: