This thread follows the story of Alpha Cody, a powerful straight college Alpha who has learned to use faggots for his own advantage. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

I’m always cognizant that Alphas are reading this site. They may not always make their presence known publicly, but they are definitely monitoring what is said and done here.

That is humbling to me, of course, but it also keeps me on my toes. I’m accountable to these great Men to get it right.

One of the latest Kings to catch my attention is Master Cody, the Apex Alpha who recently subjugated his college roommate. And, like many other Alphas I’ve covered, he keeps an eye on the site and weighs in where necessary.

Here’s what Master Cody wrote about the brouhaha around here:

I hate seeing all the drama on your site lately. I don’t have a perfectly analogous story from my own life.

I’ve had guys who wouldn’t have acted submissive normally totally cave in, though not to the point of consuming excrement. I dated a girl my senior year and her family practically orbited me when I was at the house. It wasn’t enslavement, but in that type of senario the enslavement seems more de facto to me. The fag who wrote about it probably conveyed what happened in a way that made it seem more linear than it really was.

It can be a very gradual pushing of boundaries. And sometimes you find out it wasn’t even a boundary because the person offered no resistance to your suggestions or requests.

It starts with the eyes and how you carry yourself. Do you cross your legs? Do you make yourself comfortable?

Right off the bat, the social cues are there. They’re not offering you things in order to make you feel more comfortable because you already are. Most people don’t notice that.

I have a lot of opinions most people disagree with. That’s another signal. How passionate will they make their disagreements? If you’re like my ex-girlfriend’s father, you just say something like “I hadn’t thought of it that way.” He’s not going to risk a debate and getting humiliated.

They laugh at your jokes. At the dinner table you catch Mom, a sister, (or a faggot brother sometimes) looking at you for prolonged periods of time.

They already have it in their minds that you’ve probably fucked their daughter already. Long story short: I’m in control of everything at that point.

It might be a little more complicated with the father. But could I probably seduce the sister? Yep. Can I pretend I’m there early to pick up my girlfriend and fuck Mom in the kitchen? Yep. Are all of the females going to dress a little differently when I’m around? They do.

If something in the father’s mind makes him feel impotent around you then you notice it. Is that father going to read you the riot act about banging his little girl? Not a chance.

It may not come in the form of being a coprophagic slave, but little things can happen with dear old Dad. Allowed at the house more, can borrow the car, offered various favors or hookups. Then you can start initiating those things instead of waiting on him to offer. He’s not going to say no. He maintains the illusion that’s in control of the people in that house, but he’s not.

Some assholes are more controlling in ways that changes a girl’s bubbly personality for the worse. Dad has a good reason to intervene then. That breaks the spell. But girls are rarely not-bubbly when they’re with me. If anything all of those endorphins and all of the semen has a lovely effect on their mood. And as long as she’s happy the parents are happy. His baby girl gets fucked into a coma. She comes home bubbly and happy. The effect rubs off on everyone else. From there it can be a license to do many things. They want the good feelings to keep rolling.

Anyway, just my opinion on it.

I’m endlessly fascinated by Alphas like Master Cody who deeply consider the effects of their power on lesser humans. It’s very real and tangible to those Alphas who are self-aware and conscious of how to wield it.

Notice that Master Cody didn’t dismiss the outrageousness of the story surrounding Master Jake. Why not? Because, as he says, he knows that Alphas have the ability to manipulate and bend entire families to their will.

Only gods understand what other gods can do. Inferior ones cannot know the power of a storm like gods do, but only experience it and look on with awe.

I am not here to judge superior Men, only serve in wonder and gratitude at their feet.

Thank you Master Cody!