This thread follows the story of Alpha Cody, a powerful straight college Alpha who has learned to use faggots for his own advantage. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

Over the last few months I have been sending Master Cody emails to the only email account I had for him, but they kept coming back undeliverable. After a while I felt defeated, fearing that Master Cody was nothing more than another faked account designed to trick me.

But out of nowhere Master Cody emailed me from a brand new email account! So of course, my first question was: what happened? His response surprised and disappointed me.

I got into an email exchange with a troll in your comments section.  Looking back I shouldn’t have given him my address but I wanted him to understand things from my perspective.  He kept spamming me with burner accounts until I gave up. I had good intentions with the troll.  I thought maybe he misunderstood how I lived my life.  He had this notion that it was more about coercion and I do not coerce anyone into anything. 

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? Some of you faggots regularly following this site really need to get a fucking life! Why would any of you bother this incredible Apex Alpha? Why would you be so obsessive and ignorant as to create multiple burner accounts in a desperate attempt to harass a Man who is simply sharing his story with you? What point are you proving, aside from the fact that you have mental and emotional issues?

This is the kind of shit that caused me to hide the online identities of Masters Nick, Matt, and Jin for the longest time. I try to create a safe place for Alphas and faggots to come and share their experiences. To have that delicate arrangement disrupted by nosy, intrusive, and malignant faggots upsets me tremendously. I’ve seen the same scenarios played out in other places online, where good Alphas have been forced to close down their online accounts because vindictive faggots track their way into the Alpha’s personal life and attempt to cause them harm. Why do that? Is your life really that empty?

Fuck! Faggots can be the fucking worst!

Anyway, on to more pleasant things … Master Cody has been doing very well during the last few months of radio silence. It seems he went on a very long family vacation …

I hope everything has been going well.  Privacy was at a premium once the semester ended.  My parents got a long-term rental in the Faroe Islands and we were there for 4 weeks.  It was gorgeous but insanely boring after a while.  It never gets above 60 degrees there.  My brother and I were about to lose our testosterone fueled minds.  Our younger sister met a nice Faroese boy. Lucky her. I fought with my brother over whose turn it was to jerk off in the bathroom.

Luckily I’m back in my hometown now although I miss the cooler temps.  My first order of business was to fuck Mattias.  I fucked him 4 times in a very jet-lagged night.  It was a sweet reunion.  He was a chew toy in my mouth that night.  If he were female he probably would have gotten knocked up that night.  

My roommate has requested to be my roommate again.  🙂  I still have to live on campus my second year.  I have more options my last 2 years but chances are I still will.  If you’ve ever driven in my hometown you know why I’m willing to put up with dorm bullshit.  Honestly, at the end, it was mutually fun with my roomie.  He thought torturing him with girl-on-girl porn was funny and hot at the same time.  Whatever works, I guess.  

Mattias wanted to see a movie with me.  This is going to sound weird but I really hate movies.  I like some of them, usually older ones, but sitting in a theater is painful to me.  Anyway, it was a trap.  It was half-full and without provocation he sucked my dick right there.  Not my first rodeo in a movie theater but it means more coming from him.  I was too chivalric to have my first girlfriend do that, but once I got more settled into my bad boy phase it was pretty fun.  

I got through July4th and then my birthday.  Mattias got a friend over and they tag teamed my cock for my birthday gift.  Then I got to fuck both of them. I love to see 2 girls or guys kissing and licking my nut off each other. 

It sounds counter-intuitive but he knows the way to my heart.  He enjoys watching me dominate another male.  All of my softer side bullshit belongs to him though.

And just like that, Master Cody is off to the races again!

I will say that Mattias is doing an excellent job of sliding into Master Cody’s life as a very special faggot to this incredible straight Alpha. This is how it’s done. BE HIS WHORE. When you give up yourself and just surrender everything over to an Alpha’s needs, you become beloved to him. Mattias is doing just that.

These renewed conversations with Master Cody have been going on in the background for several days as we caught up on things. Then Master Cody relayed a recent hot encounter he had at a swim meet:

I took a huge chance a last week. I was doing lap swim at the nearby pool.  This tiny bodied fag was there. He was a good swimmer actually. We finished up and I was showering off and drying.  I knew he was sneaking glances at me. I made sure I caught one of the glances and he turned red all over. I finally told him “don’t just stand here.”  It wasn’t really taking a chance that he would be offended over telling him to suck my dick, but more of the risk of getting caught.

Some guys can’t get or stay hard if they’re nervous. I’ve heard that there are guys who can’t nut when fucking or get soft if they don’t nut after a certain amount of time. I’ve known at times that I could get caught.  I’ve met some exhibitionists who were total introverts.  It was a way to feel powerful. Others have body image issues and it makes them feel more attractive. I’m not sure what makes it fun for me though. I’m not shy and I don’t have body image issues. And I’m pretty selective about the venue.  I’m not going to do it in an alley or on the beach.

I think the fun for me comes from the other participant.  1. They’ve always wanted to be taken on the spot in general, or 2. They WANT to get caught with me.  I think that #2 is what really motivates many of them. They get to “claim” me if they are seen pleasuring me. 

But there’s something in it for me too, I guess.  It’s a very visual display.  And there’s sooo much subtext there.  I don’t mean to come off like a raging narcissist, but people will do all kinds of crazy shit if they think that some “object” in their presence values it.  People in charismatic churches come to mind.  Maybe they’re doing it for some sort of neurophysiological high from their pastor whose validation stands in for a god’s.  It’s a powerful stimulus. 

Master Cody is possibly correct in his theory about why some (most) faggots want to be taken by Alphas in public places like the above encounter. I know from experience that there is an adrenaline rush with being taken by an Alpha in those situations.

However, I always felt that the emotional rush came from a more primal place. It’s the thrill of being hunted by a powerful Alpha predator and forcibly taken. It’s the adrenaline rush a gazelle feels being chased and killed by a lion. Similarly, Master Cody (as the Apex predator he is) feels a similar rush of adrenaline in the pursuit and capture.

Regardless of the truth of the matter, it’s interesting to me that Master Cody thinks on such deep levels about his own Alphahood and how it affects those around him. He’s like a cat that closely observes the behavior of a mouse before the cat kills it.

Master Cody is very special to me, the kind of intelligent and truly magnificent Alpha that only comes along once in a great while. I implore my faggot readers to leave this great King alone so that he might continue to share his insights with us all!