This thread follows the story of Alpha Cody, a powerful straight college Alpha who has learned to use faggots for his own advantage. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

It’s been The Master Cody Show around here lately, I know. What can I say? Yet another intelligent and thoughtful young Apex Alpha has flown onto my radar, so I’m compelled to track his progress and assist him in landing safely at his destination.

Not that Master Cody needs the help of a faggot like me. He seems to have come from the womb as a fully formed Apex Alpha. He is supernaturally good looking, but he is also blessed with a wisdom far beyond his years.

We can call it Ancient Alpha Wisdom, the kind of knowledge passed almost genetically between generations of Alphas. It’s a secret code woven into their DNA that allows them access to deeper perceptions about Hierarchy and their place in it.

I don’t think there is a better example of this heightened awareness than in the very real phenomenon of Alpha mentorship. Alphas are a fraternity of superior brothers, and they all take mentorship very seriously. It’s like being workout partners, except the workout in this case is DOMINATION.

I have been recently talking to a young, blossoming straight Alpha named Willam (I haven’t written about him yet) about how to start owning faggots in addition to his girlfriend. Now, I’m no slouch when it comes to teaching Alphas, but I’m not an Alpha. Ultimately my advice, no matter how good, was still coming from a faggot. Alpha Willam wanted to talk to an Alpha brother.

So I paired Alpha Willam with Master Cody. Ideally it might’ve been better to pair Alpha Willam with a more mature Alpha, but I thought it might be better to give Master Cody a chance to discover the mentorship side of his Alpha legacy.

It worked beautifully.

Here was the heart of Alpha Willam’s issue with owning and using faggots:

Okay. It’s like… Some time last year (final year of highschool) after lockdown, I began noticing this dude in my class. He had a perfect, solid ass, and I got confused because I wasn’t sure if maybe I was developing a crush on him. Mind you, now I know that it was just an intense desire to own him. How can I tell right away that I want to make someone my fag? And am not feeling any of that romance shit?

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? A straight Alpha like Willam wants to enjoy using faggots without suddenly catching feelings or dealing with thoughts of love. It’s a natural concern.

But Master Cody gave Alpha Willam a response so exquisite that it made me dizzy:

I’ll start with this answer and we can go from there.

You might not know right away. Even I have something like a crush on my gay friend, Matt. I don’t always know whether I will like the girls I get with either.

Unsure but thinking crush?

If you’re thinking crush, or if it’s clear you have a crush, then go for that. Unless we’re sociopaths then it’s normal to catch feelings occasionally. It may escalate or you may just end up as fuck buddies. If you do have distinct romantic feelings then so what? Go for it. It is its own form of possession. Every man needs his queen or (I’m not sure what the gay equivalent would be, co-regent?). They still serve you but it’s different in obvious ways.

Romantic feelings are very strong for me. It’s a much stronger desire for possession and knowing that every other man is incapable and unworthy of protecting and leading them. The love you receive in that case is not just eros. It’s much higher but even I confuse them.

Unsure but thinking faggot?

If the romance doesn’t work, or if you just know you want him as property, then you have a different arrangement. Are you really going to respect this person’s drive, physicality, intellect, or personality traits? Are they going to compliment your own qualities? Sometimes it’s easy for me to see.

I usually know if I don’t want any major association with a male or female. I don’t respect them beyond just respecting the fact they’re a human being and appreciating their aesthetic qualities. Then I know their purpose to me can be nothing but sexual.

You may think you have romantic feelings toward them, or vice versa, but it’s only ever eros and libido.

Either way: As long as you don’t lead them on, they won’t mind being a sexual object. You are the ultimate reproductive strategy for them. You can stand there and watch them lose control in front of you.

Objectification is not dehumanization. “Objects” outside of weird fetish communities have no sexuality. Focusing on the physical is no more demeaning than respecting their minds.

If this feeling is with someone that doesn’t match your usual sexual orientation you don’t need to over-analyze for your sake or worry about explaining it to others. That type of medical and religious neuroticism is beneath your dignity.


The simple, glorious logic Master Cody lays out for his Alpha brother is irrefutable and perfect. And it is the kind of advice I couldn’t give because I am not an Alpha, but rather I’m the property Master Cody speaks of here. I cannot see things from the vantage point of a King looking down on his Kingdom.

Alpha Willam has a ton of potential. I’ve been consistently impressed by his quick understanding of power dynamics and his role in ownership.

And, most importantly, he was humble enough to realize he needed some training.

I’m so glad to see Master Cody take the time to mentor a younger Alpha brother. “By iron itself iron is sharpened.” By sharing this Ancient Alpha Wisdom, both Alphas become more powerful!