This thread follows the story of Alpha Cody, a powerful straight college Alpha who has learned to use faggots for his own advantage. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

During the last few weeks while I was wasting my time with childish hoaxes Master Cody had been sending me email updates of his further sexual adventures. They were pretty hot and (as always) well written, so I thought I would try to preserve his timeline on the site while I still have him around.

I stirred around this morning with a very subtle blowjob from Mattias. It must have been a really light touch. When I finally woke up I was so hard that it hurt. I usually don’t care about being noisy but I didn’t want to alarm his parents. 

I’d like to have spent the rest of the day with Mattias but he had other obligations. I decided to go back to campus. It’s usually a crypt on the weekends and I don’t like being there too much. I don’t really have a need for caffeine but I do like cold tea so I stopped in at a Starbucks.  I ran into one of my ex-girlfriend’s less annoying friends.

I really have a thing for girls in sundresses.  I thought I would do an experiment.  We started chatting.  I kept my eyes locked with hers.  I complimented how she looked in the dress.  That part was actually legit. I would have taken her in Starbucks. I find that a lot of guys are chicken about compliments. I’m just forward without being creepy.

I qualified the compliment further. I told her that sundresses just compliment the feminine form, they’re classy, wholesome. I wanted her to feel sexy. She was enjoying it. She gave me some complimentary feedback as well. I peacock pretty well.

She was hooked.  I took her back to my room and fucked her senseless.  Just good sweaty, hard, cervix bruising breeding. We spent a little time after but she had to go and shower.  She was meeting up with my ex-gf and their friends later. She was so fucked up afterward. Aches, mental fogginess, fatigue, and a mixture of mine and her sweat.  She got as presentable as she could and headed out.

My roommate was watching out of the cracked bathroom door the whole time. 

But then the experimental part.  In about an hour I got a call from my ex bitching that I was fucking her friends.  I asked if her friend had told her that I fucked her.  She answered no.  I acted like a dick and said that I was really confused then.  I’d guess it was a combination of factors: my scent, her wiped out physical and mental state, that mix of bodily fluids.  My ex picked up on it all. Knowing her she became insanely jealous if not aroused by it. I can’t help but be touched. 

I just came back to my parents’ house to study and spend the night. The funny thing is that I tend to think much more clearly after an orgasm than the woman (or faggot) does.  Unless it was a really intense session like when I fucked my roommate then I’m usually able to put my mind to other things.  They’re usually cheerfully clumsy and ditsy acting after.

Anyway, that’s that.

Of course, Master Cody doesn’t take long to reload.

My ex’s friend – the one I fucked yesterday – texted me. Another friend from that circle was interested. I shrugged it off but then she clarified that she meant both at the same time.

I love 2 girls at once.  Big surprise, I’m sure.  I like it when neither of them is attached to me romantically in any way. It’s all about me and they’re sooo suggestible. That’ll be later though. They probably saved my poor roommate’s ass. 

But I still felt like being a dick.  I told him I was going to fuck two girls tonight. I asked him what he thought of that. Now that he’s more open and honest he just admitted that he thought it sounded gross.  
I told him to masturbate in front of me and stop studying. I put on straight porn, girl-on-girl. He clearly didn’t want to do it. I made him get naked too. It was pathetic but funny. It wasn’t even that his dick was that bad. He just looked extremely uncomfortable (and funny). He would try to close his eyes but I made him watch the video.

He finally nutted a tiny amount. I made him eat his own cum.  

I’m not sure if this is milking or some other thing, but I had him do it 4 times. All of it was to girl-on-girl or solo girl. I took off my shirt and would pull down my shorts to try to distract him only to scold him into watching girls again. 

I’d love to make him try fucking a woman. It would be hilarious. I told him if he could get hard again that I’d let him suck my dick and touch me anywhere. He couldn’t get it up at that point. I just shook my head and pulled up my shorts and put my shirt back on.

I’m glad I didn’t jerk off today. Now I won’t have to tonight.  I can’t wait.  I’m going to make both of them get nasty.  

I’m not sure I understand why straight Alphas love to make us watch lesbian porn. I think they like to see our vacuous, slightly-annoyed faces. In this case, it was all about humiliation; Master Cody wanted to demonstrate that his faggot roommate was not even a Man at all. Of course, swallowing multiple loads of pure Alpha cum from Master Cody’s prodigious cock probably taught the faggot that much already.

But the fag humiliation was just a distraction. Master Cody was hungry for more pussy, so he arranged a threesome:

Last night was fuckin wonderful.  I only wish we could have stayed there overnight. Having to break it up and come back to my room was unavoidable though. I got to breed both.  At first though I got a nice two-on-one blow job from them.  I love that too. Big shocker.  I finished off jerking off on them.  I had them put their faces together. I had them lick it off each other and French kiss with my nut.  Like I said, they’re so suggestible in that state. I thought a little about what I did to my roommate.  I think what it boiled down to was exploiting his discomfort over his maleness. He was embarrassed to try to perform as a non-faggot. Something about forcing him to jerk off to girls was funny to me.  Now I wish I had time to make him try to fuck a girl. Men who are uncomfortable with being men are more common than I thought.  He’s definitely one of them.  He’s not trans.  It’s hard for me to explain it probably because that’s foreign to my nature.

We have a reforested area here on campus.  I’ve gone running on some of the trails.  Sometimes I just take a walk there. I came across one of the dorm fags. We went off the trail and got my balls drained.  I love anything outdoors or public. A little under 2 years ago I was at a party. Of course sex came up.  This chick from another school said she was an exhibitionist. Most everyone was high or intoxicated. I probably had a couple of drinks. Most people didn’t think one way or another about it. They wouldn’t do it. I asked them why it was such a big deal. So since I seemed okay with it the dares started coming.

Long story short, we had full blown sex in front of about 20-30 people. They all disappeared from my thoughts and I was totally focused on breeding her.  No one even said anything about going in raw. Everyone seemed pretty impressed with it all. Some of them got to see a real female orgasm and a real rut for the first time. As intense as I was, no one tried to stop it. I did nothing different than I would have in private. I pushed her down on the bed, undressed her, and called the shots. I kept my eyes locked with hers. Even if she was totally kidding, or just fantasizing, I put her in a space where she was comfortable and ready for it. It could have been a nature documentary (and I’m sure somebody was recording it). I wasn’t all that interested in doing this at first, but once the dares started coming I just didn’t care.  I felt perfectly at ease about it.  She talked to me about it afterward about it. She said, even despite the talk, that she never ever thought she would actually do it. But after about a minute with my gaze and boldness she wanted to be taken. She felt desired. She thanked me.  

Anyway, I’m all over the place. I’m hungry.  I’m going to get some early dinner and re-center my thoughts.  It’s a big week of finals.

Along with these hot stories of his recent sexual conquests, Master Cody sent me four more pics of himself in various states of sweat and undress. He’s exactly as hot as you imagine. I’m hoping he will finally give me permission to use them in some fashion on the site.

I guess the sum total of the above emails serve to remind us that Alphas don’t live like ordinary Men, and for the most part they simply CAN’T. It’s not in their programming to live like other males. ‘

The school year is finishing up, which of course means there will be ample time for Master Cody to expand his hold on humanity. It’s such a privilege to be able to document his rise to infinite power!

[hater disclaimer: this story was passed along to me. I did not vet the accuracy of the story, interview third-grade teachers, check hair samples and video surveillance, or utilize lie detectors. Read at your own risk.]