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Sometimes Alphas are so naturally charismatic and have enjoyed effortless power for so long that they don’t even recognize their own Apex Alphahood even when it’s pointed out to them. For these Men, this is simply the way all Men should live their lives, being catered to and worshiped everywhere they go.

It’s then up to people like me to identify and explain their true nature to them. That’s exactly what happened when I met a tremendous Apex Alpha named Dan.

Master Dan first came to my attention when he sent a question into my “Questions” inbox here on the site in May of this year. You can read that original question by CLICKING HERE. I honestly felt like I wouldn’t ever hear from him again even though I left my email address in my answer. Alphas like him rarely bother to reconnect.

But to my surprise and delight he did write me back just recently, and we began a wide-ranging discussion over several emails. But it was the first email from him I want to discuss here, and how it inspired me to make a declaration about Master Dan.

Here’s the extraordinary email:

So, a couple of months ago, in drunken frustration, I fired off a question to you on your site and you were good enough to answer it.  I didn’t bother hitting him up again – easy come, easy go, if you ask me, besides I have others to fuck if I want, and I don’t have to waste my time trying to get them to do what I want.  But last week he hit me up again.  I was in the middle of shit so didn’t have much time and I wasn’t in the mood to fuck around.  I said straight out that if he wasn’t gonna make me cum i wasn’t interested.  There was a long pause before he eventually texted back.  Just one word; ‘okay’.  I texted back a thumbs up emoji and we started to arrange a time.  Then at the last minute I threw in that I wanted dinner ready to be served upon my arrival and he was to answer the door in his underwear.  Again, a long pause.  ‘Seriously?’, ‘Yes’.  Another long pause. ‘Okay’.

So, the night came to head over to his.  I turned up late, unusual for me (I’m a former military man so timings are important to me, that and it’s basic manners, as far as I’m concerned), but I was at the gym and ended up going for a drink with a couple of the guys.  And even if none of this had happened, I still would have turned up late anyway, don’t want him thinking this was special in any way.  The conversation was flowing and the group ended up being joined by group of girls, but none of us were getting anywhere (fags might like sweaty men, but girls need a little more effort).  I got the number of one of them but I made my polite goodbyes and left them to it.

I turned up at his, an hour late.  I was stinking, I almost made myself gag in the enclosed lift, lol.  When I got to his, he answered the door in his underwear (good boy), but he was fuming.  He was not happy, made a big thing about how I had to keep to timings and why the fuck was I late etc, etc, etc.  This guy literally lives off of his parent’s money, has a massive two-bedroom flat in the city centre (for which he pays no rent), has never worked a day in his life and he’s always late, and now he’s wining because I’m late for once.  I ignored him, went into the bathroom and relieved myself without closing the door, came back out and sat down on the sofa.  He’d gotten it out of his system by now, but you could see he was looking for an apology of some kind.  I didn’t even look at him, I just said; ‘Drink’.  He let out a massive sigh and you could see him literally deflate.  He went and got me a glass of crisp white wine (It was actually really good quality) and sat down next to me.  I kicked him off and the look of shock on his face was priceless, I wanted to take a picture lol!

I said to him that things were going to change up and explained to him exactly what I wanted.  More, than just cumming, I was going to own him completely, use him whenever I wanted, however I wanted, in short; he was going to be mine; mind, body and soul.  I broke it down for him so even an idiot like him could understand.  He was a rich, spoilt brat who has had everything he could possibly want and what has he done with all that advantage?  Nothing.  His mother had doted on him, given him the best possible education the country could give and he has squandered it.  I on the other hand have had to work hard from the ground up, with no handouts from anyone, and whilst I may not have even a 10th of what he has, he dares to look down on me, and demand shit from me?  This was all going to change, from now on I would give him the purpose he needs, the fulfilment for that hole in his soul.  And then I brought out the big guns;  ‘I mean think of your father, think of the disappointment and embarrassment it must be to have a son who has had so many advantages and has still somehow managed to fail in life.’  (He had told me all this whilst drunk/high years ago, so I wasn’t making this up, this was cutting him right down to his bare bones, a proper dressing down).

There was a long silence, like really long, I thought I might have gone too far.  His eyes started to well up, he sniffled a bit, then he nodded his head and quietly mumbled something.  I told him to speak up, and with a slight croak in his throat he said; ‘you’re right’.  This really took me by surprise, I was expecting him to put up more of a fight, maybe even get violent, I was not expecting him to crumble like a house of cards.  Then through held back tears, he started explaining how much of a failure he was and how I had done so much more with my life, listing everything (to be honest it was a bit embarrassing).  Now, I’ve had subs tell me how amazing I am, I’ve had subs fall in love with me but I have never had anyone, ever fall apart like this and quantify how I am objectively better than them.  My instinct was to hold him and say it was all right but I also knew that this was not what he needed.  He needed a firm guiding hand, someone to tell him what to do, in essence, what he needed was discipline.
I told him to stop talking and get the dinner ready.  He pealed himself off the floor and started to set the table.  He had ordered a whole lobster and fries from Burger and Lobster, it was delicious.  But when he went to sit next to me, I said no and put his plate on the floor next to my feet.  There was a look of confusion on his face and I explained that he would have to earn the right to eat next to me, in the meantime he had to eat off the floor like a dog and he was lucky I didn’t put it in a dog bowl for him.  He nodded his head, fully understanding what this all meant and got down on all fours.  After dinner I took one of his cigarettes and told him to bring a whiskey out onto the balcony for me after he had cleared the table.

When he brought the whiskey out, I was sitting on the balcony enjoying the view (there is nothing like a sunset over the city).  I mentioned I was sore from the workout and could do with a massage.  He didn’t say or do anything, just stood there like the dumb idiot he is.  It was at that moment I realized I had to be clear and direct, no more fucking around with subtlety, he was obviously too stupid to understand.  I told him to give me a foot massage and he got down in front of me.  He wasn’t very good, he obviously had never done anything like this before, but I could see his tongue dart in and out like a snake, I knew what he wanted.  I built him up slowly, first he was only allowed to massage them, then I let him sniff them, eventually i let him rub them all over his face (that was when I swear to you, I saw him smile, just a small faint momentary one, but it was there) and finally I let him take off the socks and lick them.  All the while I would get him to thank me, tell me how amazing they were, why he liked them (this was all to get him to actualize what he needed and reinforce it deep into the recesses of his brain.)

By this point it was dark and beginning to get cold.  I asked him if he wanted to go inside and warm up or stay outside and sniff my balls (remember I’m in my gym tracksuit and he’s in nothing but his underwear), without hesitation he said he would like to sniff my balls.  I knew then and there that I had him, any sub that would rather brave the cold then get inside and get comfortable is a keeper in my book.  I smiled and said he was a good boy, but that I wanted another whiskey and cigarette.  He went inside and came back out with a box of cigarettes and the bottle, placed them carefully next to me and got down on his knees in between my legs.  He went to pull my track pants down, I swiped his hands away and slapped him on the face. ‘But-‘ he said, a look of shock crossing his face. ‘I said sniff my balls not play with them.’ ‘Yes sir, sorry sir.’ and he gently placed his head in between my legs and took in a deep sniff.  He let out a moan, the sort of moan that people make when eating chocolate cake after a long diet.  I call it a proto-orgasmic moan, it’s almost there but not quite.  I let him carry on like this for another 15 maybe 20 minutes…. I lost track of time, the music was playing, the whiskey was good, you know how it is (well actually, you probably don’t) but when I came to i could feel him licking my balls through my pants.  Now normally I would punish a sub for daring to do something like that without permission, but I had already put him through the ringer (mentally) and I have no idea how long he had been doing this so I let it go.  Besides I was beginning to get hard.=

Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore.  I got up, went back inside his flat and stripped-down naked, there was a wet patch on my pants from where he had been licking.  He’s so fucking stupid he just stayed out there on his knees looking like a lost puppy.  I lay down on the sofa and told him to get over here and suck my rock-hard dick.  He wasn’t very good, he never has been, but i wasn’t gonna take a half assed blow job.  Not tonight.  I started off slow but eventually I full on raped his throat.  I love the sound of a gagging throat and I wanted to hear it.  There was spit and precum dribbling out of his mouth whilst i directed him, slapping him every now and then for reinforcement.  ‘Open your mouth wider’, ‘no teeth’, ‘i don’t care if you can’t breathe, I wanna hear you gag’ etc, etc, etc.  By this point I was forcing my dick down him with both hands, he was pushing back, desperate to get air, but the only time I allowed him to breath was to receive my spit or lick my balls.  His face was covered in tears, spit and precum.  Eventually it became too much and he pushed himself off my dick against my will.  i demanded to know what was wrong, he said he just needed a breather.  I told him to get the skipping rope in my gym bag.

I tied his hands behind his back and went back to raping his throat.  I didn’t stop for a good 30 mins, I could hear him begging me to stop and let him breath, how he would do anything I wanted so long as I let him breath (they all say that…. as if I’m not going to do what I want anyway) all the time with my dick in his mouth.  But I wouldn’t let up, I kept skull fucking him, the only time he could breathe was when i had only the tip in his mouth and he could breathe through his nose other than that it was full on throat fucking.  eventually I came down his throat, he went to spit it out, but i caught his head and slapped him. ‘Never spit out any of my fluids.’  His eyes were a mixture of confusion and terror.  I clamped his mouth shut with one hand, pinched his nose with the other and instructed him to swallow.  He shook his head ‘You ain’t gonna get to breathe until you swallow.’  He started to struggle, I just laughed.  Eventually he did swallow and I let him breathe.  There he was, a panting mess; on his knees, hands tied behind his back, covered in my fluids and beetroot red in the face.  It was at that point I realized he was fully erect.
I left him there and went back out onto the balcony for a cigarette break.  I love the feel of the cool night air against my sweaty body.  When I got back in he was mumbling to himself.  I untied him and sat back down on the sofa.  He came and wrapped himself around my leg, it was weird, almost like a dog.  I’ve had a couple of subs do that to me before, it’s actually quite intimate but there was something else about this, he was shaking.  I asked him what was wrong.  He took a few shallow breaths in before quietly saying; ‘that was amazing, but i’m not gay.’  I couldn’t help but snort with laughter, he was still erect from before.  I said I didn’t care if he was gay, straight or anything in between, he just had to accept he was mine to do with as I pleased.  He nodded his head silently.  I told him to get me another whiskey and an ash tray.  I was gonna smoke indoors and watch porn.  He protested, he wanted me to smoke on the balcony, I told him I didn’t give a fuck and do as I say.

When he got back I got him to worship and clean me all over.  Licking, sniffing, pits, balls, feet, everything, even the inside of my knees (the kneepit? lol)  All the time I got it to admit what it was; ‘I’m a faggot sir, a dirty, pathetic faggot whore, an object for you to use sir.  Please use me’ etc, etc, etc …..  I was getting hard (Fuck, I’m getting hard now from the memory!)  I told him I was gonna fuck him.  He suddenly snapped out of it and got assertive.  At first it was straight no, then it became ‘I’ve never been fucked before’, to ‘please don’t fuck me’, then finally ‘fine, but please be gentle.’  I sat in silence the entire time, didn’t say a word, just stared him down.  Eventually he gave up and said we should go to the bedroom.  I shook my head; ‘No, I’m gonna fuck you right here in the middle of the living room.’  I think he’d given up or realized it was gonna happen so he just shrugged his shoulders.

I put him on all fours and played around with his ass for a bit, fingering the hole gently, I could see he was getting into it.  Eventually I got down there and rimmed his ass in preparation.  It was like his entire body had been electrified, he started jerking and moving uncontrollably, and would not stay still, I couldn’t get a good grip on that hole.  Eventually I got tired of trying to rim him open, he was obviously gagging for it.  I spat on his hole and eased my finger into him.  There was a quick intake of breath before I felt his hole relax around my finger.  Slowly he began to bounce on it.  It was now or never.   I leaned over, positioned my rock-hard dick on the hole and whispered in his ear; ‘I’m gonna fuck you now.  It might scare you a bit, but don’t worry.  I know what I’m doing.  I’m a man.’  He begged me to be gentle, I told him I’d fuck him how I wanted, and with that I shoved my dick inside his tight virgin hole as hard as possible.  He let out a yelp and his entire body tensed up, I only got half way in.  I told him to relax or it would be more painful, he shook his head, I told him I was going in whether he liked it or not, and with that I shoved the rest of my dick inside of him.  He made a noise like a yelping dog.

I lost it at this point and went into a carnal rage, fucking him hard.  I didn’t even bother hurling insults and degrading thoughts at him.  I was in the zone, he stopped being a person, he was just something I was using at this point.  Suddenly I realized he was playing with himself; I was in two minds as to whether I should let him continue.  One part of me felt that since this was his first time, it was a good sign and it was empirical proof that he was enjoying himself, he would no longer be able to deny it, whereas the other part of me wanted him to focus on me.  I was still trying to make up my mind when he suddenly shouted; ‘fuck me till I cum, make me cum right now.’  I lost it there and then, the disrespect was too much, I grabbed his hair, yanked his head back and slapped his face as hard as I could.  There’s a scene in that shit Guy Richie film RocknRolla where Mark Strong’s character talks about the perfect slap and it’s effects.  (  I’m pretty sure that’s what I did to him, because he went completely silent, no more yelps; nothing, it was like the last blocker had finally been knocked down.  He became increasingly compliant at this point, his hole completely relaxed, I was now able to move in and out of it so easily, I could feel his back door opening up.

I kept fucking him until I couldn’t take it anymore and I came, flooding his insides.  We lay there on the living room floor panting, covered in sweat, my dick still in him slowly dripping out cum.  I looked at the time and realized I had missed the last train home, I said I was staying over, he nodded and we went to bed.  As we lay in bed, I knew I had managed to break down every barrier that had held him back over the last 5 years that we’ve known one another.  I had broken him down, now it is my sacred duty to put him back together again and build him back up.  It was the beginning of a long journey, but I am determined to turn him into something he can be proud of. A proud sub, a proud faggot, a proud … bitch .

I was riveted by what I was reading, obviously. It’s a hot story, and it’s well told. But I was more excited by what it revealed about Master Dan – he’s truly an Apex Alpha.

Why do I say this? Because only Apex Alphas get away with behaviors (even boorish behaviors) like these and still retain control over another male so effortlessly. Notice how his former friend-turned-faggot obeyed every command from Master Dan, even the ones it initially resisted?

Apex Alphas can make other people capitulate to their desires even when it disgusts them or inconveniences them. Inferior people cater to Apex Alphas because we want to curry their favor and be acceptable and/or pleasing to them.

Apex Alphas also take an interest in building proper faggots. It’s one thing to use a faggot – all Alphas do that to some degree. It’s another level up to be the great god and Master who can take a broken faggot rebuild it into a proper, respectable slave.

Master Dan largely rejected my assertion that he was an Apex Alpha. I will get more into Master Dan’s description of his life and perspective on faggots and his place in the Hierarchy in another article, but I want to highlight this paragraph from our subsequent conversations:

I’m not exactly too sure what you mean by ownership of fags…. I’m relatively new to the ‘scene’/’lifestyle’, I started about 6 months prior to covid locking down my country.  I have always had people I fucked on a regular basis, whether they be guys or girls.  All knew there were others.  Some would get me weed, others would clean my clothes, but all would make sure I was fed and watered.  Quite often I would just turn up, fuck the living crap out of them and take away whatever I wanted (weed, clean clothes etc).  Sometimes I’d skip the fuck…  Were/are these subs that I owned?  Really, you’re in a better place to answer that question then I.  I never asked any of this to be done for me, it was just offered.

“I never asked for any of this to be done for me, it was just offered” is a telling line. You see, Master Dan has simply always received this kind of universal worship. It’s natural to him. Imagine if Shawn Mendes was born as SHAWN MENDES, ROCK STAR and had lived his entire life as a rock star. Every day he would simply expect huge crowds of adoring fans, attendants bringing him whatever he wanted, and assistants dressing him, fixing his hair, and making sure he always looks his best.

The life of a god. The life of an Apex Alpha. That is Master Dan’s life.

I will have more incredible details about this astounding Alpha later. But just let his experience sink in and help you to understand what is really happening Hierarchically in our world.