This thread follows Jamie, a faggot who began service to a straight Alpha named Dino that has lasted 15 years and led to marriage. CLICK HERE for all posts in this thread in chronological order!

For every straight Alpha who decides to start using and/or owning faggots, there is usually a moment of truth. It’s the point when the Alpha must decide how open and free he can be with his faggot as part of his everyday life.

Some Apex Alphas have shown the way, boldly and proudly displaying (and even sharing) their faggots with the people in their lives. I’m reminded of the story of slave Tim (I haven’t heard from him in a while …) and his straight Master who regularly parades his faggot in public on a collar and leash. Of course, that’s really pushing the boundaries of society’s acceptable social behavior, but some Alphas simply don’t give a fuck.

Speaking of not giving a fuck, Master Dino almost assuredly falls into that category of Alpha. When Master Dino found a faggot like Jamie that worshiped and served him the way he knew he deserved, he didn’t give a fuck that he is straight or what society might think about his ownership of and marriage to that faggot.

But putting that “I don’t give a fuck” attitude to the test in public can be rough, and ultimately reveals the true emotions that lie beneath an Alpha’s adamantium exterior.

Master Dino shared this revealing anecdote with me, and it was too incredible to not share with his growing legion of faggot worshipers.


My boy convinced me in various ways to listen to your podcast of 11/3. It just loves your site and is constantly wanting me to see something. I admit I am favorably impressed by most of what I’ve seen. My hole is over the moon by what you’ve said about Me/us on it and I am reconsidering the podcast if I could use a device to disguise My voice. I could care less if most of the lemmings out there know I cum in a faggot but in My profession, I must use discretion.

I wanted to impart some info today. I’m not a bodybuilder per se but I do lift and workout twice per week and play basketball with friends at least twice per week.  I probably wouldn’t workout anymore but My bitchboy loves worshiping Daddy when He comes home all sweaty with Man funk (I haven’t used deodorant for over a decade, my boy convinced Me that I wouldn’t regret its request that I not use it and instead just smell like a Man) and it also loves My Badboy persona to which lifting adds a great deal.

Yes, I/we have had a rough life, it’s true. Let me tell you something about a situation that jamie and I had years ago. About 4 nights ago, the reminiscing we’ve done for your nervous questions jogged both our memories. I had taken the cunt for My own about 3 months before and as deep as I was in this new, GOOD fucking pussy I was still taking baby steps in the ‘living life’ part of owning it. I decided to see if it could ‘pass’ in My world (Which is NOT the dangerous place it used to be but is still no goddamn nature walk either). Three stupid motherfuckers tried to double-cross this Alpha Male in a deal. This was beyond ignorant because they KNEW Me. One started waving a knife around and the other made the SUPREME mistake of pointing a piece at My boy. I only remember My mind flashing the words ‘No fucking punk is gonna threaten My new cumhole’ and I felt a tightness in My chest and in My nuts which I would remember later as the 1st real stirrings in Me for My faggot beyond normal satisfaction.

Anyway, I saw this fucking scumbag was gonna shoot my boy and I lunged in front of him and was grazed,  well the bullet hit a rib, traveled on it around my side and popped out the back.  In all it created a 10-inch scar but they thought they’d hurt Me. I had the advantage. I have no idea exactly what happened next but my next memory is seeing the ‘men’ in a pile. (They were still breathing sam don’t have a breakdown) Evidently, they had tried to stab My boy and had put about an inch long slice on his chest when, babyboy says, I leaped to My feet, beat them down and threw the gun out a window. I picked My bitch up and carried it out (I know it hasn’t been stated but My bitch is exactly My height but not muscular. Still, it is not a dainty faggot.  Lol)

But, back to the story. Boy drove home, begging Me to go to a doctor. Back then My faggot didn’t have a real sense as to what My life was. One couldn’t if one didn’t experience it. Back home, boy was trembling like a, well,  like a faggot when I gathered the appropriate equipment and commanded it to sew up the bullet hole on my side. (It was fine. I made sure it had only a minor cut before I had it turn its sewing talents on their ear and stitch up its Man) It was pale as fuck as it wordlessly did as told. When it finished I checked its work and I smiled at my sweet faggot boy. I said, ‘Good boy’ and upon hearing I was pleased it hit the floor, passed out cold. Hahaha! 

Later on, it told Me that when it saw Me take that bullet protecting it that it KNEW I loved it. I must say I felt much the same when My boy completed My demands and waited until it knew I was satisfied before My pussyboy fainted. After that I was pretty sure this faggot could handle being My possession.

(BTW, upon waking the dudes I beat the fuck out of I found the money they’d tried to take from Me was in MY pocket, along with everything of value that they’d been carrying-including their wallets with all their personal information.)

Now, life no longer contains such incidents and I didn’t take jamie to work with Me after that. That one time told Me everything I needed to know about boy’s handling of a crisis and being able to handle ALL aspects of My life.  My faggot is a tower of jelly when it comes to My power but has a steel core when confronted by the world and can handle quite a lot as long as it knows it belongs to Me. It says it can endure anything as long as it is MY cumhole and I believe it.  I’ve said it before, I’m glad I cunted this faggot.

I hope you enjoyed this piece of Mine and My cumwhore’s love story. Isn’t it interesting that this incident is when we both realized our deepening love for the other? Life is NOT a dull thing, especially when one is a God. Hahahahahaha 

Keep up the good work. Fuck you faggot.   

Not exactly the love story from Titanic, obviously, but I’m sure there are Alphas who can relate to Master Dino’s feeling of protectiveness just as much faggots can relate to that feeling of gratitude Jamie felt when being rescued by the Superman who owns it.

Stories like this one help to reinforce my original argument that Master Dino is a blend of both types of Alpha, Protector and Destroyer. He might be the perfect blend.

My cunt puckered with excitement just a little (re: a lot) when Master Dino suggested that he’s thinking about coming onto the podcast. I can only imagine what it might be like to cram his massive personality into a podcast episode! Keep stroking his ego in the comments, and maybe that magical event could become a reality!

Meanwhile, I feel blessed every time he shares with me his thoughts in an email. I hope you faggots out there feel the same!