One of the wonders of running a site like this is just how many incredible Alphas I get to talk to in an intimate way. Through these safe conversations, I’ve been privy to surprisingly deep conversations about Hierarchy and the nature of our respective roles. I’m endlessly fascinated by the Alpha perspective on this subject, of course, because it’s a side that I, as a faggot, am ill-equipped to comprehend.

Master Jacob is an Alpha I’ve been speaking with recently, and every conversation has been enlightening. He’s an experienced Master who is well-versed in the training of faggots. What may set him apart from other Alphas is how he focuses as much on the emotional training as he does on the service aspect.

Yesterday Master Jacob wanted me to send him the quote I posted HERE from Master Parker about faggots. He said he wanted to give it to one of his faggots to study because the faggot felt especially worthless. Master Jacob was trying to reach the faggot’s heart.

Then Master Jacob said this:

Yes. I’ve been trying to explain to him that being a faggot isn’t something to be ashamed of. We just have to reprogram societies shame out of him. He should be proud of his place because alphas needs faggots and faggots need alphas. And faggots are beautiful.

He’s a good boy and a complete and total faggot. He knows it and when he’s free of his shame from society for what he is, he loves his place. But sometimes, and this happens with a lot of faggots, he retreats in shame.

There’s a misunderstanding that faggots aren’t worthy of love or that they are not worthy of being valued. When really it’s quite the opposite. Sure. I may call you a pathetic faggot and make you do terrible and degrading things, but that’s a special place reserved just for a faggot.

I was taken aback by this clear-eyed statement. It’s rare to hear an Alpha speak that way about faggots.

Then Master Jacob began to talk about how to help faggots achieve self-acceptance:

I have a lot of experience training and breaking new faggots. This is not a new phenomenon. I tell boys all the time, they will hit walls. It’s expected. The wall is nothing to be ashamed of, what you do when you reach the wall is the true test.

I’m sure faggots have a swirl of emotions when being used and broken. It’s easy for us alphas. We just have to come into our power. Faggots have to be broken and systematically reprogrammed.

Breathtaking insight, isn’t it?

To all of the faggots out there feeling lost and abused: there are great Alpha Masters like Master Jacob waiting to take you in and build you into something strong, useful, and valuable. Don’t be misled into self-hate or self-harm at the hands of cruel or careless Masters.