Master Jax: Every Faggot’s Straight Alpha Fantasy

This thread follows the life of Master Jax, a 23-year-old straight college Alpha, and his ownership of faggots. CLICK HERE for all of these posts in chronological order!

It’s rare to find a young straight Alpha who is comfortable and self-possessed about his use of faggots. Normally they are embarrassed about it and try to deny it.

But the extraordinary Master Jax is not your ordinary straight Alpha.

This athletic and intelligent 23-year-old college student has been using faggots in a variety of ways for five or six years already. In that time he has come to really understand how faggots need to be used.

Master Jax lost his virginity at 16, but already he had his sights on some other submissives circling around him.

I’d say senior year of high school, there were some younger boys who always wanted to help me with whatever or get me something for lunch. Didn’t realize for awhile that they were fags but they were so eager to please haha.

I did notice there was some sort of difference between me (and those boys like me) and the other boys wanting to serve me. But I didn’t think about it a whole lot.

It began somewhere at the beginning of college, but once the one fag was serving me regularly it got me thinking and realizing that I was an Alpha.

My second year of college, I had a cocksucker for awhile haha it was great. It was in one of my gen Ed classes, and I noticed that it looked at me the same way the fags in high school did haha so I asked it to do some favors for me, and it just grew from there haha.

Well it was pretty smart, so I invited it to my dorm room to study, knowing full well where I wanted to take it haha, when it arrived it was definitely more put together than usually and actually was wearing some sort of cologne/perfume lol. So we were studying then I noticed it looking at my bulge, and yea from there I had a load sucked out of me haha! The first thing I said was “you like it?” While rubbing my bulge haha, it looked so shocked and nervous but I said it was ok and that I haven’t been with a girl for awhile and I could really use a good blow job.

I owned it for a good two years, but it had to move away so I lost it sadly.

Master Jax learned a lot about how to own faggots from his ownership of that college fag.

I wasn’t so sure at first, because it’s so much different from a woman haha cause a woman’s pussy is amazing. But a fag pussy is usually tighter, and as long as it cleans beforehand it’s alright. Just gotta treat it just like a woman’s pussy, eat the fag out, work it open, then fuck it how you want haha, and that’s the great thing about fags is I could always be as rough as I wanted. Depends on what I think the fag can handle and how I feel at the moment.

He noticed something about faggots that differed from the females he fucked:

It becomes quite complacent, if that makes sense. Just content and happy to have been fucked, even if it didn’t cum. My fag would usually clean off my cock after I fucked it, I would breed its pussy then lay on my back tired, and it would crawl and suck my off a bit. Sometimes it would be so cum hungry that it would nurse me until I came again and it would swallow every drop! It’s rare to find a girl who will serve her man like that!

Master Jax is preparing to start his Master’s degree program at college, and he’s already planning on enslaving a new faggot for the busy days to come.

I’m going to look for a fag when I’m in my Masters, it would help to have a fag to clean and cook while I do my studies. Also, I always have to start my day by draining my balls haha would be nice to have a fag do it for me.

Master Jax has a message for straight Alphas who are uncomfortable with using faggots: JUST DO IT!

Don’t be afraid to use fags to get off and that’s it. Some fags love it when you do that. It’s more about power than attraction really.

Master Jax is that rare straight Alpha who is very open and honest about his use of faggots. He’s comfortable with himself and has embraced his place within the Hierarchy.

I highly recommend that faggots reach out to this amazing Alpha and worship him as he deserves! His Twitter is @MasterJax10!