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Men mature physically and emotionally at different rates. Some Men know what they are and what they want practically from birth, and are powerful enough to take what they want regardless of age.

That’s why arbitrary societal laws governing the ages of acceptable behavior for young people are so useless. Some very young people – particularly budding Apex Alphas – are already in full control.

When I first met Master Joel, a 16-year-old Alpha from Sweden, that point was driven home dramatically.

Here’s how Master Joel greeted me on the FWA Discord server:

Hi faggot.

I am a straight alpha “boy”, freshly turned 16. I have been toying with faggots and slaves for quite a while. It all started when i was 16. A faggot that i was bullying came to me and asked me to give me head. Without hesitation i showed him my cock and force fucked his throat.

Ever since then i’ve been hooked to faggots serving me, even though i like pussy. I got so hooked that at one point i owned 4 older fags online and 2 in school.

WOW! What an introduction!

Master Joel had a couple of burning questions to ask me. In them I think you will see his already-advanced nature:

Now to my questions. One fag in school recently asked for my “divine poop and piss”. First of all, im fully aware that everything about me is devine, but why do faggots crave piss and poop so much? Am i not giving them enough?

Now on to my second question. Since i own my two fags in school and im allowed to do basically anything to them since they are my property, i wont really talk about them, more in general. Ive had… urges (i dont really know the real term for this) to rape faggots a lot. Should i embrace this “urge” or should i suppress this? Is it normal for an alpha to rape faggots? I love the thought of raping faggots, being in total control of them even if they might not like to be raped (which they should, im serving them my alpha cock).

These are huge Hierarchical questions for an 16-year-old to ponder, but as you can see, Master Joel is already working out the limits to his expanding power.

I asked this question now because im currently training three 16 year old swedish fags (15 is legal in sweden), btw they are very slutty and beautiful for being boys. Anyway, they always ask me to rape them which i find really interesting. If they are asking me to rape them, is it really rape? Of course i want to use them for my own pleasure, much like a living fleshlight. But what is really rape, and what is consent?

I explained the difference between those two things, and Master Joel seemed relieved.

Then he mentioned something extraordinary: he’s already caged all three of his training faggots! Imagine being a 16-year-old faggot owned and caged by an 16-year-old god! I can tell you, my high school experience was nothing like that!

They are not allowed to cum at all, not even when i breed them. And i force them to keep my alpha cum in them for as long as possible. I want them to be horny at all times so i can use them whenever i need to. We’ve talked about cum being a reward, and of course breeding. My fags love my piss, my gym sweat and other dirty things. How can i use that to my advantage? Are there any games i can play with my fags surrounding piss, sweat and other kinks?

Again, very advanced questions, especially for a young straight Alpha! Then he mentioned something else that blew my mind:

Ive also been toying with the idea of smegma. I have foreskin like many other european brothers. But i want to use my foreskin to gain even more control over my fags. And i think smegma is a great technique to control fags. The scent is amazing to fags and the taste as well. Smeg cock is a bit like piss, its dirty but fun. And i feel like i can control my objects with it. Smegma is basically sweat and other fluids and skin i think. Either way, you need to pee in a specific way, workout HARD, “protect” the glans from sucking and water and a bunch more. But the results are amazing. Smegma smells SO good to fags. Its a strong musky smell, a bit like cum, sweat and piss blended together. It will hypnotize ANY fag.

Then Master Joel showed off his big uncut dick.

So then I asked Master Joel about his life to this point.

Here is my origin story, if you will:

I have always had a dominant personality, even in elementary school. I always got the attention from girls and i could basically make girls, and boys alike do stuff for me. Whether it was “get me some water” or “bring me a pen” i was always in control.

But i truly found out my power, purpose if you will, when i was 15. In the age that i started to feel the need, the urge to fuck and cum, everyday, 24/7. I had already lost my virginity to a beautiful cheerleader girl at the age of 14 but i never really got satisfied with any of the girls. I needed something more, more often and more obedient.

There was this guy, named Alex in another school. Since i was popular i basically knew everybody, he was no stranger. I never really liked him but i heard rumors about him being homo or better yet, a fag. The concept of gay people was still fairly new to me but i got the feeling that i could use the fags to please me. My older brother told me stories where his buddy sucked him off. I took inspiration from my brother (who was an amazing alpha) and started to play around with the idea of fags.

I went to a party where i also found Alex, later that night i throat fucked Alex with my 17cm cock, totally destroyed him both mentally and physically. He basically became a whore. That day was an eye opener. The birth of a god.

Since then ive been using and owning different fags to please my sexual desires. Right now my focus lies on exploring different kinks and fetishes to better control and reward my fags. Ive tried some brainwashing, piss, hypno and now im exploring the world of scents, mostly smegma.

I’m looking forward to see which boundaries i will push, which fags i will break and i will continue to explore the pleasure of me, Master Joel.

But then, following that, he said something truly remarkable:

I also want to touch on an issue ive seen in this community. Mainly the word “worship”. I think that word is very misused. To be worshipped is not just to get head or a fag begging to pee on them. Worshipping is also loving and caring acts from a fag to its master. Such as a simple massage after a hard day’s work, preparing a hot bath or other small acts. I want to open up the idea of a loving fag to alphas. Sure, fags are mainly for us alphas to use and control in sexual ways but they also want to show their own gratitude to us in nonsexual ways.

AMAZING INSIGHT! So few Alphas understand the deeper magic of Hierarchical dynamics the way Master Joel does!

Over the couple of weeks we’ve sporadically spoken there have been several developments. First and foremost, Master Joel took possession of his first online cash fag!

Just an update on my alphahood. I now own a 46 year old cashfag. It has been really fun so far. I will recieve his REAL personal credit and debit card soon for me to use however i want. Im planning on taking out a cute girl soon so im paying for that with my fags money lol. He lives far away from me so he will travel a long distance JUST to deliver the cards and smell my feet and drink my piss. Hahahahaha this faggot is travelling 300 miles to see me. Pathetic whore.

In addition, Master Joel asked about mentorship. Like many Alphas, Master Joel feels the need to improve himself and understand his place with the guidance of an experienced Apex Alpha. I recommended Sir Tazian to him.

Ok sam, introduce me to him and i can take it from there probably. Would be really thankful for that if you made that work. Im aware that i need to work a lot more and learn from the greatest.

Humility is something rare in Alphas, and so precious.

And, like many things in a young Alpha’s life, so fleeting. Almost in the same breath Master Joel started bragging about deflowering a girl (I saw a pic … very pretty) and then using his faggot afterward.

So faggot, one of my fags came over today to spend some time with its master, aka me. And i was just watching a movie and i was manspreading. It just came over and started to smell my cock area. It even started to touch its clit. Is this because of the pheromones controlling the faggot? It always asks if it can smell it. (Then after sucking my cock) it cleaned my feet and licked up the cum from the floor. I usually cum with a lot of force and the fag wanted to get it on its face so by pure force i “missed” and got some on the floor.

Can you sense the overwhelming power growing from within Master Joel? He’s unstoppable.

There are no human laws guiding the creation of Master Joel. Only Natural Law governs him.

And Natural Law tells him, “Go forth, my blessed son, and take the Earth, for it is yours.”

That’s exactly what this incredible new Apex Alpha is going to do!

Thank you, Master Joel, for everything you are!