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It’s been a little while since I’ve heard from Master J, the stunning, wealthy 19-year-old Apex Alpha in Great Britain. When I last spoke with him, he had expressed a great amount of interest in purchasing faggots at auction. I entertained his idea, not thinking anything could come of it. After all, Master J was just 19 years old and in college. Where would he get the money or connections to ever make such big dreams come true?

Well, I’ve wildly underestimated Master J’s actual life.

First of all, he’s much wealthier than I suspected. He already has a well-paying job thanks to an early entry into an apprenticeship. And he’s been successfully involved in findom for many years, and those pure profits have been wisely invested, quickly growing his net worth.

So much so that he was able to buy a partial stake in the private jet pictured above. He’s currently in college learning to become a pilot so he can fly that beauty and some other jets he has designs to buy.

All of this came to light reluctantly after he mentioned that he’d just purchased a faggot for £8,000 ($10,915.80) at an auction!

Let me backtrack. Master J initiated the conversation back in early September this way:

Slave. Took an older fag as property today. First time I’d fisted a slave too. It’s made me learn the differences for sure. Older slaves do things that younger one can not, and vice versa. I do want to find a long term slave, a young one. Have the best of both then.

So that was the beginning of Master J’s attention turning toward purchasing faggots. Time passed, and then I received this:

Been invited to an auction too. See how that goes. Don’t be surprised, faggot. I own my own house, etc. at 19. Don’t mistake my youth for inexperience or my kindness for weakness. I may not take a object. I’m very particular in the search for the young slave. These faggots (at the auction) have been through intensive training. That’s in no way to say they won’t need further training. But they’ve been trained at least in part.

I was surprised by this sudden action, so I asked for more details about the faggots he currently has and what he wants.

I just own 559 (the older faggot), but I have others who serve part-time. Some for pump and dumps. One comes daily to clean my flat, do chores, one drains my cock, does my grocery shopping. One even drives me to my gym, waits till im done and drives back. Gives his £ for the pleasure.

Now I was really intrigued. I was curious about his desire to get involved with faggot auctions.

Problem (with Alphas using faggots) is that i see too many ‘alphas’ just in it for the cash. I value a permanent slave over cash.

So Master J began getting intel on the faggots for sale at auction. One he showed me was a petite blonde nymph with a tight little pussy who looked a bit like Rourke from the famous Pornhub channel.

We got shown some of the items for sale. However I wasn’t expecting to get pics of them when they were free, with clothes and stuff on. I expected the meat on all fours, naked, collared, and caged. They will need to be thoroughly inspected and its holes tested before purchase. There are many things a faggot needs to go through before purchase. I intend to whore it out during the freshers intake at my uni. See how it fares.

Meanwhile, as Master J pondered his purchase, this happened:

Oh, and I also took another subs virginity yesterday. There’s nothing like when a true faggot realises its place and stays whimpering underneath you. It took a couple loads before it was made to clean my floor with its tongue.

Then Master J started asking me what I thought he should bid for one of these faggots at auction. I’ve heard of prices between $10,000-$50,000 from experienced Masters like California Alpha, but I didn’t want to disillusion young Master J by quoting something that high. So I put the matter off.

Meanwhile, the “freshers” were starting at Master J’s university. And almost instantly, he fucked one of them. He sent me a pic of a cute Twink and triumphantly wrote:

Fucked one last night. Nice and tight. Claimed it. Once your cum and spit is in it, it’s your faggot. I’m going to have it come back tomorrow to lick my feet and nothing else and see if it wants it, long term I mean. Most think they want it but they aren’t serious. It strikes me as one of them that enjoys it, but doesn’t yet know if it’s what it wants.


Then I received this funny aside from Master J:

Just tried fucking 559. It didn’t tell me it had shoved banana up there. Enlighten me as to why a faggot would do that. Fucking rank. I’ve told it to douche. Then I’ll fuck it and waste my load over its back. Then punish it. Nah didn’t smell but mushed banana leaked out when I pulled out. Put me off instantly.

Ah, faggot issues! They can be neverending!

Then came a series of pics of another cute faggot.

Just put a bid in on this runt. It was being sold by a good friend. It would’ve fetched more had it been on the market. Still was four figures.

Believe me, I was shocked … so I pressed to know what he ended up offering for the faggot. And that’s when he revealed he bid £8,000 ($10,915.80) for the little guy.

So now I suddenly knew two new things about Master J: he’s wealthier than I imagined, and he’s also part of a network of wealthy, faggot-owning Alphas in England.

I had to know more.

My Alpha pack stretches across the south coast, particularly Portsmouth, Chichester and Brighton. We sometimes share faggots, sometimes buy and sell them. Sales can happen but not often. We buy our slaves for a reason, not just buy the first piece of meat we come across. I keep my faggots in cages downstairs.

I was left speechless and almost apoplectic. It didn’t faze Master J.

I told you this before, faggot. I’ve worked hard since the age of 16 and I’ve owned faggots like you the whole time. I get whatever I want.

Yes, he does. Whether it’s worship, houses, planes, or an army of faggots … Master J has it all.

And he’s just getting started!