I received a few responses from my post regarding faggot auctions (prompting last night’s drunken podcast), but none of the responses were as vivid as the one I received from a young Alpha in the UK who calls himself Master J. It seems that he owns a couple of faggots already through the hunt/capture method, but after that post about auctions he’s thinking he might like to stock his stable with some paid-for faggots.

He wrote this:

Hi boy,

an interesting reply. The fish may well taste better when you catch it, but in this instance I would expect a trained slave for a nice sum of money, which would be further reinforced with its buyer’s training.

I want one. I would very much anticipate a slave being bought at auction in the USA, for example, and being shipped as cargo to the UK will be better submissive because it depends on it’s master that degree more, escape is no good, it knows no-one.

I work for a UK airline, ambulance service and study at university full time, that’s a heck of a lot and I need slaves to take care of my needs. I don’t need to come home to a list of chores or dinner to cook, that’s their job whilst they massage my feet too.

Tommy, my current slave is good, but he studies at university in a different part of the country and I need a slave 24/7. I caught Tommy by being me. Coming home sweaty from the gym, a day at uni… whatever. Noticing him try to subtly sniff the air as I walked past, my gym gear going missing, my socks feeling a little wet (from where he’d been licking).

I always knew he was a fag, so I tried a less orthodox approach. I introduced another, nsa runt, to the mix. We’ll call him Jack. I knew Tommy was coming to my place around 4 ‘for some games’, so I got jack round at 3 and began throat fucking it. Tommy eventually came in to see me throatfucking jack on the sofa and it was like fate turned to reality. Tommy stripped, crawled over and started worshiping my feet whilst I pounded Jack’s throat. Tommy didn’t say a word, but that’s the moment when he became mine fully.

Not being content with that, I commanded Tommy to run Jacks ass. I had the intention on fucking it and Tommy was gonna be the tool to prepare the ass. Once it had slobbered over the ass enough, I locked Tommy in a cage and made him watch me mount/rape faggot Jack for a while whilst pumping multiple loads into it.

That withdrawal, not being used, ignorance was too much for Tommy. And that day onward he’s been my total fag since, when he is here away from uni.

I’m already in the process of acquiring a new item, but I want to pay for one too, to see the difference and grow my stable of only the best runts in the world.

First of all, this is pretty advanced faggot manipulation for a college Alpha! Is there a class Alphas take to learn these effective faggot enslavement techniques, or is it just pure nature? Regardless, Master J’s plan worked perfectly, simultaneously humiliating and exciting the faggot (the secret sauce) and forcing it to fully submit!

This is an interesting test Master J proposes as well. Of course, any purchased faggot would need to be trained to Master J’s specifications, but i would be curious if its pre-trained state would make it more pliable for more training, or more rebellious.

Given what I’ve learned about Master J, I am thinking he’s more than capable of handling rebellious faggots!

Men like Master J will never be satisfied with single-use or occasional-use faggots. He requires complete ownership and constant use in all areas of his life. And he deserves it.