This post is part of a thread chronicling the service of Ali, a 30-year-old faggot who has recently been caged and collared by an Apex Alpha named Master Logan. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

After publishing the gorgeously effusive letter my fag brother Ali wrote about his new Master, Logan, I felt compelled to reach out to this Apex Alpha King. You know how we faggots get around such powerful Men!

Master Logan immediately tried to correct me about my reference to him as an “Apex Alpha”. After I explained my definition, he then was able to accept such a title.

This is what he wrote over a few emails.

I recently turned 35 and work for a local research University. Very careful to advise my students on everything BUT their alpha or faggot status, (not interested in the fallout that would cause). It’s usually pretty clear though, and I often find myself hoping that they will run into your website by other means, for their own edification and fulfillment. I suppose I’m a bit more seasoned than some of the Alphas you generally work with, but I think that has provided me with a bit of perspective I certainly didn’t have 15 years ago, especially related to the need to constantly prove my dominance. I learned pretty quickly that being angry and aggressive doesn’t necessarily mean being dominant, and often the two are inversely correlated.

I don’t really know of a specific moment when I realized that I was an Alpha and the power that came with it. My understanding of it developed gradually over the years (and I didn’t have a resource like yours to frame what I was learning about myself). I do remember the first time I acted on it. I was playing video games with a friend at his house (late college era), when I looked over at him, held his gaze for a second, then grabbed the back of his head and shoved it into my crotch. His eyes lit up, he eagerly unbuttoned my pants and I fucked a load down his throat. Up to that point, I didn’t even know he was gay (still don’t know honestly). It just made sense in the moment and I knew it would work, I don’t know how to explain it more than that. This one event COMPLETELY changed the dynamic of our friendship and we were no longer really able to be friends in quite the same way. In this particular case that was fine, but it did make me realize the power I had discovered in that action, and that if I am not careful, it can define my relationships in either a positive or negative way. I try to always actively choose the former. It’s an innate ability that I learned to use when necessary, but not to over-use, especially since by and large the world is still not comfortable with the dynamic it creates. I guess a corollary of this idea is that I truly don’t believe that an Alpha can ethically accept submission and service uncritically from every faggot that presents itself.

PERFECT! I especially loved his recollection of the first time he took and used a faggot. This is something true Alphas (particularly – ahem – Apex Alphas) do quite often. The see through the facade to the faggot hiding behind it, and they take action to break the faggot down so it can accept service.

Then Master Logan elaborated further:

I currently own 2 collared subs, and work occasionally with several others for fun and training purposes. I also work with one finsub who lives in another state. None of them are live-in faggots, however. I’m married, and while my husband is learning to lean into his dominant tendencies, it is still all a bit uncomfortable for him. He is absolutely an Alpha, but struggles a bit (as I used to) with the perception that this makes him a mean and abusive person. There is a kind of internal conflict between what he knows he deserves and can get out of this world, and his (accurate) perception of himself as a good and caring person. He’ll get there though.

Chastity is an interesting concept for me. Currently, one of my subs is in chastity (but only for a couple of days), and I lock up the other from time to time too as a reminder. Regardless of the cage, neither are allowed to cum without explicit permission from me, and they are very aware and extremely obedient about these rules (the same with the out-of-state faggot). The mistakes that have occurred were met with punishment, and some very tearful, genuine apologies. More importantly, the mistakes weren’t repeated. A chastity cage is a lot of fun, and on an aethetic level, I do enjoy keeping my faggots locked. I more firmly believe in mental chastity, however. If the only thing preventing my faggot from disobeying is a plastic cage and an easily broken lock, then clearly I don’t have any real control. This is my underlying principle with any piece of gear or toy. To the extent that it is fun to use, great, but it should never be strictly necessary. If I ever thought it were, I would let a faggot go because clearly service to me is not its primary concerned and it should get its head right before attempting it. Thankfully, I’m blessed with two phenomenal faggots who know their place and maintain it faithfully.

This part was quite interesting to me (and I’m still seeking further clarification on it). I didn’t know Master Logan was not only a gay Alpha, but a MARRIED gay Alpha. And, to top it off, they’re both Alpha!

I’ve definitely heard of gay Alphas coupling up together, and faggots typically are used for sexual satisfaction. I just didn’t know Master Logan had that life situation.

But then Master Logan stunned me. In my previous email I told him that I am always “hyper-aware of the Alpha ability to see through me to the faggot I am within.” Well, he expounded upon that thought in the most beautiful way:

I’m interested to hear you say that you feel “hyper-conscious around Alphas that are looking through (you) and at the faggot within”. I certainly hope when you say hyper-conscious, you aren’t meaning self-conscious or ashamed. I can’t speak for all Alphas, but one of my great joys in life is seeing a sub faggot “in the wild” and having that moment of connection across the room when the faggot knows I could have it if I wanted it. I think a faggot should feel truly proud in that moment to be seen and to know that they can be valued by true men who should desire their services, even if the Alpha chooses not to act on it in that moment.


Anyone who has listened to my podcast knows I am far from ashamed of being a faggot, I almost wish I was like that so a powerful Apex Alpha like Master Logan could take me into his proverbial arms and lift me up!

From talking with this legendary Alpha I can easily see why my fag brother Ali waxed so poetically and effusively about him! To be owned by a Man like that is to be cradled in the arms of God. It is the safest place any faggot could hope to be!

Thank you Master Logan!