This is part of a continuing series chronicling the rise of Apex Alpha Master Matt, a straight male and friend of Alpha Jin who slowly came to understand the wonders of faggot worship. Click here to read all of these posts in order!

There is something special about the first time a Master feeds his faggot his cum. It’s the first true physical bond that occurs between them. It’s a transferral of Alpha DNA and hormones into the faggot, where specific physical and emotional effects take place. Primary among these changes is a calming of the faggot. Once it swallows its Master’s cum, the faggot becomes more docile and submissive, more open to suggestions and commands.

It’s Nature’s mind control.

For a Master, the first feeding of a faggot is him marking his territory from the inside. Each squirt of cum down his faggot’s throat is, essentially, the Master telling the faggot “you’re mine, I own you”.

Last night Master Matt began his feeding and breeding program with his new faggot Tommy. This is going to be an accelerated program due to something very special coming up in about a week or so (details coming), so Tommy needs to make quick adjustments.

For Tommy, Master Matt’s dick is only the second one he’s ever sucked. Talk about suddenly taking Major League fastballs in Khoury League! Master Matt’s nine-inch monster cock is difficult to handle for expert cocksuckers, let alone a virgin faggot like Tommy!

So Master Matt made it special. Said Tommy:

I got to spend time on my own with Master Matt yesterday. We got to shower together.

Master Matt chimed in:

We showered together first and that was nice. Kind of a little romantic for the faggot, he washed my body.

After that, it was feeding time:

I got to suck on his dick for over a hour! But I could not go balls deep like Jeremy and Michael can, but I was trying so hard to. Matt was fingering my hole a little as I was sucking it was a mind blowing experience! My clit got all wet I did not know how to stop it leaking.

Little does Tommy know that the Masters love to see their faggots leaking cum from their cages! It’s a sign that the faggot is excited by its service to them!

Then came the feeding:

And we are not allowed to spill any of Matts seed, so I swallowed it all. Matt told me I was a good boy.

There was a noticeable difference in Tommy last night and today. Since being caged, Tommy has been like a hyperactive puppy, constantly chattering to me and his brothers. But since swallowing Master Matt’s load, he has calmed considerably. Such is the power of Alpha cum.

Tommy has found peace in purpose.

I was made for this.

Yes you were, brother!