This post is part of a thread following the development of Alpha Matthew, a straight, divorced Alpha who is exploring ownership of a domestic faggot. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

Just a couple of months ago Master Matthew was just like any other straight Alpha. In other words, he was interested in fucking lots of women and enjoying the average life.

Then a faggot offered him domestic service. He wasn’t sure if he even wanted that. Then, while researching this bizarre offer, he stumbled onto this site, and found the little spider-fag at the center of the web.

And since then I have had the privilege of helping Master Matthew take some incredible steps on the way to truly discovering his Apex Alphahood destiny.

And now, as he prepares to take over the house and lives of his faggot couple, he has taken another incredible step: he’s fucked and bred both of them!

It seemed like he wasn’t going to do anything like that when I began discussing it with him.

Maybe my girl is a rare find but she loves seeing me dominate a guy, she says it’s so hot. She wants to watch me fuck the two of them, lol. But told her that ain’t gonna happen.

I reasoned with him that he was already getting his ass licked, his cock sucked, and his piss swallowed by his faggots … so what’s the big deal about breeding them?

That apparently worked, because I received this message from him:

My god I’ve had a good night! I was made to own faggots! And dominating the pair of them was phenomenal… you can’t be so rough, throwing around etc, with a girl. Every straight man needs to have the experience of fucking a fag or two. Personally loved having two to fuck the brains out of. Watching my girl get off on it at the same time was the best!

I was shocked!

Was great seeing the other one waiting their turn to be fucked, whilst I was still fucking the other lol, that is, if they were sucking my balls or eating my ass lol. Again the effect of my cum on then was quite staggering. I can really see that this has locked their ownership to me!

The effect of cum on faggots was something I discussed with him before the blowjobs, and breeding faggots results in an even more dramatic effect.

Gee, I just can’t stop fucking them, the power is in real. I’ve thought I was done twice and then jumped in the shower , but then just fuck then again lol. I know I don’t think I’ve fucked so much in my life! I’ve cummed over 20 times this past day! My faggots’ work is barely getting done as I keep fucking them instead lol.

Incredibly powerful!

Let me just isolate this one thing he said:

Every straight man needs to have the experience of fucking a fag or two.

As has been proven ad nauseam on this site, fucking faggots doesn’t change the sexuality of a Man, it releases it. Men have needs to unleash the primal energies surging within them, and faggots allow Men to do that.

That’s why we see such a powerful and dramatic expression of pure Alpha power emanating from Master Matthew. His inner beast is allowed to roar and feast as it was meant to!

I thank Master Matthew so much for his honest exploration and generosity!

Next week he takes full possession of the lives of this faggot couple and truly becomes a King!