This post is part of a thread following the development of Alpha Matthew, a straight, divorced Alpha who is exploring ownership of a domestic faggot. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

So Master Matthew has been on a high, triumphs piling upon triumphs. He’s been enjoying so much worship that his mind reels.

Yes I know, it’s very strange to think that this is the way it should have been from the start, that this was my rightful destiny. In some ways though, I’m grateful for experiencing life as a more “normal” mortal, after all it gave my two children. Very pleased that they will get to experience the perks of my new life and will be treated as little princes when they visit. Feel sorry that they have to go back to their mum, and our old crappy house.

But that was before Master Matthew moved into the mansion the faggots own, a mansion that has been completely remodeled around the needs of the new owner.

The boys did good this weekend, I’m in! And I got a killer moving present… they said I need a car to go with the house… an Audi R8! Literally my dream car, I’m in heaven driving that thing.

Oh and that’s not all… I’m on the deeds for the house! Part of the deal was that I’d be on the deeds, but originally they pitched 33% splitting it 3 ways, but now I’ll have 50% split with them, which was a nice touch and good house warming present! What a weekend!!! It feels pretty incredible to finally be in and really does feel like my own home now. I only have a couple of argument… first, with the deeds is that I think the %s should actually based on the % of house we occupy, so I actually occupy more like 80-90% of the house, so think the deed needs to reflect that… my faggots are aware, so let’s see.

Secondly, they only went and told the bath room fitters to that we don’t need toilets installed in all of the master quarters! Now I see why they did that, but come on , it’s ridiculous, so now got to have the fitters back to install the loos.

Can you believe that other surprise gift?!?

This is what Apex Alphas deserve!

Master Matthew has discovered how to properly own his faggots, too:

Given they were very good to me this weekend I said I’d give them one wish, and they wished to spend the night worshipping me. I let them stay all night, my new bed is HUGE.

Felt weird waking up with them in my bed, won’t be doing it often, but was a good treat for them. Obv I fucked them A LOT and when I was finally finished, they gave me a lot of head but I went to sleep so I rolled onto my front. Had the two of them licking my ass and sucking my balls all night, actually felt awesome!

When I woke in the morning, one was sleeping on one ass cheek and the other on the opposite thigh, bless em. Woke them up with an enormous fart, and they woke up and carried on like they never stopped haha! When they worked out I was awake they begged me for breakfast, but they know I don’t feed them until I’ve eaten. They said it was the hottest night of their lives!!

It’s really impressed Master Matthew, too:

Yeah I’m always blown by how quickly my life has turned around. Thanks to your advice too, once you’re open to incorporating faggots into your life, they’re very quick to show off all their tricks and make sure you best know how to use them.

He has even begun really enjoying the sex with his new toys:

I do enjoy being a lot rougher with my faggots. They’re very petit so have a good throw around, extra fun throwing them both around at once.

Also tried a new position I’ve always wanted to try this weekend, where I got my faggots ass nice and high and I held his head down with my foot whilst I fucked him. I think it’s my new favourite to use on them. Loved looking down and them trying to wiggle their face around to lick my foot. When I fucked my faggot, his boyfriend came and sucked on my asshole a bit as I was widespread. After a bit, felt super sweet and powerful.

The other best thing about owning faggots is the on demand fucking. Love that I have 4 holes to fuck any time I want. Can’t believe I used to have periods of up to 7 days where I didn’t fuck, whereas now I guarantee it’ll be at least 3/4 times per day.

So it seemed like Master Matthew was truly satisfied for the first time in his life, a limitless future spread before him. He was preparing for his Royal, all-expense paid trip to Turks and Caicos when I was suddenly confronted by this:

Hi, as I have accepted and am becoming settled in my new life, we’ve come to a natural end to our dialogue and I’d just like to thank you for your support for my ascent, and for particularly opening my eyes to the natural order and making sure I got the maximum outcome from exploiting faggots. I couldn’t have dreamed up my life as it is now, yet this is how it was always meant to be for me and will always be. I am fulfilled. I will now head off to enjoy my new life to the fullest. But wanted to acknowledge the help, hints and tips during my ascent. Thanks, M

Say WHAT?!?

This is the risky, high-wire investment I make when I get involved in these kinds of situations. Occasionally I help someone achieve a certain outcome, and once they have it they arrogantly blow me off.

But this unceremonious kiss-off was unacceptable to me. After all, he would’ve had absolutely none of this had I not intervened. Period. I pushed him and guided him every single step of the way.

So I retaliated by publishing that post about shit-eating that he didn’t want published. Suddenly he was much more willing to put aside his arrogance.

I say all of this as a way to tie this story into a bow. He’s going on with his blessed life, all while forgetting the one who blessed him.

It’s the day in the life of a faggot.

Good luck, Master Matthew!