This thread follows the adventures of two powerful Apex Alphas, Master Nick and Master Matt, as they join forces to rule an Earth full of faggots! CLICK HERE to read these stories in chronological order!

It’s been a little while since I’ve had any updates from Masters Matt and Nick in Toronto. I’ve been a bit shut out by all of them over the last couple of months (much to my heartbreak) as things have been in a bit of turmoil for them up there. I won’t get into any of that.

One thing I haven’t talked about is Master Matt’s ambitions to further expand his Kingdom. Master Matt has truly transformed from simply a mindless Alpha fuck machine to a truly great Master and owner of faggots. He’s intuitive and insightful, and he has fully implemented the fag ownership strategies pioneered by Masters Jin and Nick while also tweaking it as he sees fit.

Now Master Matt wants more. He wants to own more faggots. He wants to mentor more Alphas. He wants to use his overwhelming power to transform lives through Hierarchical principles.

He’s just the god to accomplish it, too!

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Last weekend Master Matt hosted a dinner party at his place. Invited was Master Nick, of course, as well as three straight Alphas from their soccer team and the gym.

And they were served dinner and drinks by Master Matt’s two live-in faggots Michael and Jeremy!

This was, of course, the plan.

Yes My Brothers are very interested in faggots and how it all works with faggots. That was my plan, to kind of show them off a little. I got Nick to come for support if it did not go down well.

During the dinner (and after a few drinks) the three straight Alphas were interested in talking about the two faggots serving them.

Nick was explaining to them about faggots and how important it is that the faggots are caged and explaining how it is not gay to own faggots. And everyone thought the faggots looked very sexy. Every one had a good time. It was like this is the life we deserve.

Then Master Matt did something emotionally questionable: he pulled down Jeremy’s pants as he was serving the table, revealing Jeremy’s caged clit.

The table of Alphas started laughing at the sight. Jeremy told me he was embarrassed and humiliated by the action (naturally) but he endured it like the good boy he is.

But what happened after that is the key. The Alphas became even more curious and excited by the thought of owning caged faggots.

One at the party was especially interested, an Alpha named Kyler. After everybody left the party, Kyler got permission to come back to try a faggot for the first time. So Kyler took Jeremy into a room to get his first blowjob from a faggot!

Said Jeremy:

It was very good. He shot a big load and It only took like 3 mins. He was so horny. I guess his GF has not been putting out.

Kyler was impressed, to say the least. Here’s what Master Matt said:

Kyler said it was the best ever.

Alpha Kyler lives in an apartment in downtown Toronto, a perfect situation to own a live-in faggot.

But he doesn’t have a faggot yet … or does he?

You see, little Jeremy is proving to be more than an excellent faggot. He’s also an excellent wingman for his Master. And Jeremy has befriended a young, smooth virgin faggot named Tommy.

Tommy has spent the last day devouring this site and talking about it with Jeremy. Tommy’s first response to this new possibility of service was to completely shave himself smooth – absolutely a great sign of a natural-born faggot.

Now Master Matt has invited Tommy over for dinner on Saturday. The plan is, well, you know …

We will see how it all plays out. I may get him to try the cage out and tell him to come back on Sunday and we can take it off he does not what to be one off my faggots. Or may be I will cage him on Sunday, we will see. But he is going to be caged 100%.

And so it goes with Master Matt now. He wants faggots to fulfill themselves while making the lives of Alphas even better.

Master Matt summed up his new perspective so perfectly:

I can not begin to explain the wonderful feeling it is to own two beautiful caged faggots that look after my every need and make sure I am living my best life. It has been life changing for me.

Now Master Matt wants that same fulfillment for others that he enjoys himself!