One of the more remarkable stories of an insane month on this blog involved the story of Chastity Fag Matt. You can read it by clicking here. In short, Chastity Fag bravely wore his chastity cage openly in the locker room of his local gym, attracting the attention of a Supreme Alpha named Max. 

After Max issued instructions that the faggot would serve him at the gym, Chastity Fag was excited but unsure about where things were headed. He was asking me if I thought Master Max would use him sexually at some point. I told the faggot to be ready for something the next day. I knew this particular Alpha, so bold in his initial claim of Ownership, would waste little time fully breaking in his new faggot.

And sure enough, it happened. Master Max made his claim official by brutally throat raping his faggot.

Here is Chastity Fag’s account of what happened:

Okay. I wrote it all down. It was such a rush to relive it so soon after! 

Got there plenty early. Waited anxiously by his locker. Towel, water, and protein shake in hand. He showed up already dressed for his workout. I was slightly disappointed because I wanted another look at him in all of his glory! But he was wearing a tank so his arms were on full display!! Threw all his stuff in the locker, grabbed the shake from the bench and put it away. Then motioned for me to follow and put his earbuds in. Was soooo intense because he hadn’t said a word to me yet. 

For the most part, all he said was weight amounts for me to add to the equipment at times. He kept his earbuds in almost the entire time. I pretty much was just a spotter, human cup holder and human towel rack. But his sweaty towel was heavvvven so I was fine being the rack. And I felt so useful to him that I didn’t mind serving essentially as a set of objects. 

He did have me do squats while he did walking lunges with free weights. It was super hot to think he was seeing my ass go up and down like I was riding his dick. Kinda forgot I was wearing a thong though so he did laugh at me when he noticed and said “nice whale’s tail.” Took me a minute to realize. Sure I turned red once I did! 

As his workout wrapped up, he told me he was going to the steam room. We went to his locker first and he stripped – felt very similar to yesterday!!! He didn’t linger long though. He took some gulps of the shake I brought before throwing me his bag of dirty laundry – just said “have it clean by tomorrow.” I was looking around at this point to see who may be witnessing this but no one was really paying attention. I just nodded back but he kept staring at me. His eyebrows went up as if expecting something more. So I said “Yes Sir.” He smiled slyly and told me to join him in a few and then walked off to the steam room still completely naked. I watched him grab a towel right before he entered. What an ass and a Man! My mind was spinning!!!!!!! 

I got back to my locker with his sweaty towel and clothes with me. I just wanted to start sniffing them then and there!! I stripped down and covered myself with a towel. Wasn’t sure if now that he was owning me this way that he’d want me flaunting my faggot identity as much. When I entered, his eyes were shut and he seemed to not notice me or care. But soon after sitting across from him, his eyes locked on me again. And he never stopped staring at me. Only occasionally blinking. I felt so small and mesmerized. His deep brown eyes staring into my faggot soul.

After a while, as more Men came in, he motioned his head to leave so I got up thinking I was dismissed. But he followed behind me before walking toward the showers. I didn’t follow super closely not sure what he wanted to do until he looked back as if to say “you coming?” And of course I nearly RAN to do so. The showers are actually pretty private at the gym – thick tile walls between each and a full curtain. 

He walked in but left the curtain open implying room for one more – me! He turned the water on to a temperature that seemed right for him. I tried my best to remember the feeling and how much he twisted the knobs so I could “draw a bath” for him in the future if lucky! Both of our towels were off at this point. He lifted his arms – pits glistening with sweat across somewhat trimmed hairs. I just stared in awe. Feeling so entranced. He gave me that same look again and I realized he was expecting me to and allowing me to WORSHIP. I dove face first into his sweaty pits – sniffing, licking and kissing. It was the best thing ever! It helps that he’s at least 6’2” (maybe up to 6’4”) and that I’m around 5’9”. Makes me almost at pit level.This went on for a bit and I liked his chest equally enthusiastically. He didn’t seem to want me on his nipples too long. 

He began to push down on my shoulders and with no resistance I went straight to my knees. But before my mouth could even get past his belly button to his incredible (now harder and GROWING) cock, he turned around as he grabbed the back of my head and planted my face right in between the two mounds of his perfect ass. At first I just breathed it in. But then I realized that wasn’t serving him. So I repeated my worship as I had just done on his upper body. The taste was obviously more complex. Sweat, salt and that ripe taste that comes from a straight Man’s asshole when he doesn’t care about a person’s tongue coming into contact with it. It didn’t bother me the slightest. Bitter, yes. But so sweet because I was tasting him! 

I all of a sudden tasted soap and realized he was lathering up while my face was still buried in his ass. His hole was tight but loosening up. I wasn’t going too deep in case he didn’t want that. He eventually pulled away, turned around and finished soaping up. I stayed on my knees watching – switching my gaze from his bathing actions to his erect cock pointing right toward my face. It gave me time to measure it mentally. I’m going to say 8.5” and thick. He rinsed off and then stared down at me. I’m sure I looked like a lusting whore on my knees with my mouth watering and my completely waxed clit locked up. 

He kind of silently chuckled before he stepped forward, grabbed my head and in one motion, thrust his cock forward as my mouth instinctively and eagerly opened. From there, it was an absolute rape. He started slow for a few thrusts but then it was balls deep, for extended periods with constant pressure to still suck without him retreating much. Luckily the shower room is loud and music is playing because I wasn’t able to be silent. I was gagging and coughing a good bit and showing clear signs of distress and struggle. But he seemed not to care. Only once when I was able to back off for a second did I think he almost might say something or smack my face. So I dove back on his dick and he had me creating all sorts of throat slime with his powerful thrusts. Snot and tears were flowing but the shower water washed a good bit of that away. It felt like an eternity and like I would need stitches in my throat afterward but I made it through. He was enjoying it for sure. But you could see the aggression pouring out of him as he fucked my throat with abandon. 

He didn’t signal when he’d cum but I sensed it based on how much he was squeezing my head and slamming his cock so deep. He came A LOT. I was trying my best to keep it all in my mouth with so much throat lube already being produced. 

Once he was finished he looked at me. I swallowed hard and looked back in complete submission. I thought he’d walk out then but he kept holding his cock and looking at me. I just sat there like an obedient puppy. Then he let a stream of piss flow. It hit me on my chest first but he soon had it aimed at my face and hair. I instinctively opened my mouth even though my eyes were closed at the moment. I was further rewarded by him moving his aim to my mouth and I was able to open my eyes and witness this God of a Man piss in my mouth as I graciously swallowed several mouthfuls. Pretty clear piss but still plenty of taste!  

Once finished, he leaned down – I thought to say something to me or maybe even KISS me! But he instead spit in my face. Like with his piss, I instinctively opened my mouth and he spit once more into it. With that, he grabbed his towel and walked out. Leaving the curtain open. I was so used. So fulfilled. So in a daze that it took a second to remember I was on my knees, soaking in piss with spit on my face and my locked clit exposed while the shower continued to run behind me. 

I got to my feet before anyone walked by and got cleaned up before putting my towel around my waist and getting back to my locker to change. I went back to his locker after but he wasn’t there. I figured he left and without any instruction was done with me for now. I walked out almost skipping/floating home with a sore throat and the taste of his cum and piss lingering on my lips. It was an amazing day!

One note: I think chastity fags that expose themselves should beware that serious Alphas are the ones that will likely notice and do something about it. I think Max seeing my locked clit made him feel very comfortable treating me as a very willing faggot (which I am). There was zero ramp up and he certainly didn’t hold back using signs of dominance and marking his territory from the start. You’ll probably get more aggressive Alphas using my exposure method. 

As Chastity Fag’s example underlines, bravery is the most important element in finding an Alpha to serve. A faggot can be physically attractive, socially important, or wealthy, but if it lives in fear, it will never find this kind of fulfillment. 

I’m so happy that Chastity Fag has found an Alpha like Master Max. This kind of Supreme Alpha will test the boundaries of even the most dedicated faggot. I hope Chastity Fag is ready for the greater challenges to come!