This thread follows the rise of Master Seb, a 17-year-old straight Alpha in France who has discovered the wonders of faggot service and worship. CLICK HERE for all posts in this thread in chronological order!

It had been a while since I’d heard from young Master Seb. It’s not surprising given his hot young Alphahood and all of the pussy (female and his owned faggots) that he constantly uses. Messages would go unanswered, and most of our recent “conversations” were variations of “hello.”

But he recently made time (in between fucking one of his girlfriends) to tell me about how he recently taught his Alpha friend Raoul about the use of faggots!

Maybe this shouldn’t be so shocking, really. After all, Master Seb introduced faggots to his Alpha father in spectacular fashion (CLICK HERE), and the two of them now maintain a separate apartment to house their owned faggots!

But honestly, what Master Seb did with Alpha Raoul is just as incredible. Here’s the story:

My Alpha friend Raoul has a girlfriend who doesn’t like to fuck. She’s got her period, a headache, she’s tired, she doesn’t feel like it… he complains a lot to me and I know he thinks men who fuck Men are all gay.

So I suggest why don’t you fuck a gay boy. They’re keen on getting a real man’s cock up their ass. He said that’s disgusting. I’m not into boys and I said I know a boy who Loves to take straight cocks, he would be surprised.

He says no way. I’m not gay. And I said I’m not gay either, but this boy is a good fuck and always willing … No headache, no period. He says no way.

A few days later he calls and complains about how horny he is. I say well you know I can help you. Give it a try.

I summon one of the faggots and within ten minutes he’s at my place. My friend pulls me aside and says he can’t do it and I tell the faggot to take off his clothes and present himself to my friend.

Then Raoul sees the cage. He says WTF??? I told him faggots aren’t allowed to cum, they must focus on pleasing their Master and Raoul was rock hard instantly. He literally raped the faggot, fucked him till he passed out.

He was like an animal. His girlfriend really should take care of him better.

I asked Master Seb if he thought Alpha Raoul had cunted the faggot.

He definitely did. I watched the faggots face while he got fucked. He looked like he was in a trance.

And then the faggot stuck the landing:

When Raoul was finished the faggot thanked him.

HOLY FUCK! I guarantee that Raoul had never been thanked for his rut and breeding before!

But it gets better!

Raoul is very excited about the faggots now. Well he was so excited that I said he could have the faggot. A couple of weeks later the faggot introduced a friend to Raoul. Since then he owns two.

The faggot he got from me already was in chastity . The new faggot is caged now too. I had the pleasure to try the new faggot. His pussy felt very nice.

Once Alphas get a taste of faggot ownership, they almost want nothing else. Even the straightest Alphas (like Master Raoul) love the overwhelming power of owning and breeding faggots.

It’s instinctive. Master Raoul saw that first faggot locked in chastity, and his dominance switch was instantly turned on. It’s like Alphas see chastity on a faggot and they stop viewing the faggot as being human. The faggot becomes a sex toy, a thing to use however they choose.

Master Raoul pouncing on that faggot and violently cunting it is such powerful evidence of the raging storm of aggression roiling in the balls and hearts of young, strong Alphas!

I cannot even express the deep respect I feel right now for this ancient brotherhood of Alphas! Master Seb is fulfilling his sacred duty to uphold Alphahood and support his brothers with these solemn Hierarchical truths!

Alphas teaching Alphas is one of the deepest commissions within the fraternity of Alphas. As a faggot, I am not allowed into this exclusive club except as prey.

But as a student of Hierarchy, I watch these events unfold from the outside with reverence and awe!

Thank you Master Seb for wielding this Alpha wisdom with a responsibility far beyond your years!