This thread follows the extraordinary story of Michael, a brave faggot who lives in an apartment building full of Alphas and began servicing many of them after he made himself available. CLICK HERE for all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

When concluding my reporting of Michael’s first introduction to Master Theo, the 18-year-old son of his current owner Master William, I wrote this:

Once again, Michael is going to serve as the First Faggot of a powerful new Alpha! Something big is about to happen with this developing story!

Well I didn’t think it was going to be THE NEXT DAY!

I’m just going to dive right into what Michael breathlessly sent me early the next morning:

Sam, yesterday, i went over to my Alpha Theo’s place to return His laundry, which i had washed and ironed, and He and i had a conversation.
“Faggot, why do you do this? What do you get out of doing another guy’s wash and cleaning his apartment?”
“It’s what faggots do Sir. The reason we exist is to serve Alpha Males such as You; to free Alphas like You from the drudgery of life so that You are free and able to do the things that You find enjoyable.”
“Well, what is in it for you, faggot?”
“Fulfillment, Sir,” i said. “Serving You gives my life meaning. Beside, i get a kind of sexual charge out of serving You. All day long at work, i am doing things for Your father. And i get kind of chubbed up even when i am doing nothing more than bringing Him a coffee.”
The introduction of the sexual aspect of a faggot’s service to its superiors piqued Theo’s thoughts. “The other day at the gym, my dad said that I should learn how to use a faggot.”
“That’s because as an Alpha, You are entitled to expect that Your faggot would do anything at all that You wished, Sir. You are my god, Sir, and everything that i do for You is an act of worship.”
“Would you suck my cock, faggot?”
“It would be my privilege, Sir.”
i did. i sucked His cock. And while i tried to make it last, He was, after all, a teen, and He shot pretty quickly — blast after blast of hot cum.”Holy fuck! I’ve never had a blow job like that, faggot. You’re incredible.”
He asked if i gave His dad blow jobs. i explained that to William, i was only a task faggot (although i would love to serve William sexually as well).
“But to You, Sir, everything that i do is an act of worship.” With that, i knealt before Him and kissed His feet. i looked up and i thought that i saw a look in His eyes, not of disgust, or of surprise, but of recognition and acceptance — acknowledgment really.
And so, my adventure has begun.

In my frantic response to Michael’s first post about Master Theo, I implored Michael to kneel and kiss his feet. I meant for it to happen upon meeting Master Theo in order to initiate sexual service, but it sounds like things moved ahead rapidly enough without it! I was glad Michael threw it in at the end though … we can see Master Theo loved it, and it also gives him food for thought.

As for the blowjob itself, let’s face it: Michael is a very experienced cocksucker servicing a teenage Alpha who has never encountered that kind of service. It wasn’t going to take long to give Master Theo the kind of mind-blowing orgasm he will remember forever.

But let’s not forget the most important facet of this true story: a young Alpha has just come to understand his true power and place within the Hierarchy! And he now owns a faggot, too!

This is The Gift that Alphas give to their Alpha sons. It’s not just genetic superiority or the heritage of Alphahood. It’s the permission the Alpha father gives his son to run free and rule the world!