This thread follows the story of Master Thomas, an Alpha in a committed relationship with a faggot and the faggot’s brother. CLICK HERE to read all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

Last November I introduced you to Master Thomas, an Alpha who was in a committed relationship with a faggot. At that time his faggot was struggling to submit to chastity, and Master Thomas was considering the bold step of enslaving his faggot’s brother as well.

Then I dropped the ball with Master Thomas’s update in December, a surprising little story about how he enslaved his faggot’s actual brother. With all of insanity at that time, I accidentally passed over that update and didn’t post about it.

After a few months, I finally received a new message from this powerful Alpha:

Hi Sam,

Hope you are well.

Some advice needed. One of my faggots is refusing to be caged. He never touches himself whilst being fucked, so clearly is aware of how useless his cock is, but he is concerned that people will see the cage through his clothing and also doesn’t want to fully give up the ability to masturbate.

What course of action would you advise?

I was overjoyed to hear from him again! After thinking about the problem, I advised him this way:


I’m sorry you’re having trouble with this faggot! The refusal to accept chastity is a difficult objection to overcome, especially given the fact that you’re already giving it dick without a cage. Many Masters refuse to give a faggot dick until it accepts chastity.

Here’s my suggestion: tell the faggot that it must wear chastity when it is serving you. So no matter what it’s doing in service to you, whether it’s being bred or it’s sucking your cock or cleaning your toilet, it must wear a chastity cage.

You should be the one to apply the cage each time. And while you’re doing it, tell the faggot it is a “good boy” and that you are proud of it. Once locked, have the faggot kneel before you, and have your dick out. Have the faggot explain the difference between your cock and its clit. When it gives the correct answer, you tell it “good faggot” and then have it smell your cock and balls before feeding it.

The purpose of this exercise is to force the faggot to admit its inferior and undeserving status in comparison to a Man. This is accomplished both visually and vocally. The compliments and reassurances create intimacy and a sense of safety. It creates a connection between what the faggot wants (your cock and cum) and what it’s resisting (the cage).

Fittingly, it’s the same kind of reinforcement exercise you might use to train a dog.

You and I both know that chastity is the best thing for a faggot, but occasionally a faggot needs to be coaxed into accepting its reality.

I absolutely adore Men like you, Master. You take faggot ownership seriously and responsibly. This faggot doesn’t yet understand what a privilege it is to be locked by a Man like you, but through training it can be helped to grasp it!

I hope this helps, or at least gives you some ideas, Master. Please let me know how it goes!

I heard back almost immediately from Master Thomas, and he had a potentially brutal solution to the problem:

Thank you for your advice Sam.

I will consider it. The other thing I might do is either threaten to ditch him, and let his younger brother step up, or actually do that.

His younger brother is more subservient, younger and more supple anyway.

I’ll report back once I’ve decided.

This is something every faggot should deeply consider when in service to an Alpha. When an Alpha tells you he wants you to do something (like go into chastity), you should do it as far as possible OR ELSE YOU WILL BE REPLACED. There is always a “younger and more supple” faggot out there, or even sleeping in the basement (like the brother is doing right now).

Master Thomas knows his place in the world and that he deserves obedience from his faggots. He will tolerate nothing less.