This thread follows the development of Alpha Toby, an 18-year-old straight Alpha who is taking ownership of his faggot brother and a faggot friend. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

In my experience with Apex Alphas, they often start young and are completely fearless. When presented with opportunities in life (sex, money, jobs, whatever) they usually move quickly to try something or take something.

The same goes for young straight Apex Alphas presented with easy fag pussy. They don’t care what anybody thinks, because the rules governing lesser males simply don’t apply to them. They do what they want whenever the hell they want.

So it didn’t really surprise me much when Master Toby, the young Apex Alpha in London, told me he was planning to fuck both his faggot brother and his faggot friend. Mind you, this is just a couple of weeks since he found out about fag worship.

So after caging his fag brother, Master Toby had a talk with him:

I sat him down and spoke to him about how to treat me and men and I told about your website and he absolutely loves it! ( I have to tell you that your website is great for both fags and alphas ) I put down some ground rules, he must always call me sir, he speaks when spoken to, he must always remain locked and he remains at my beck and call. I made it clear that he cleans the house and he does the cooking for me and our step dad. He asked if he could wear my football undies and I obliged, so he added the rule that all of his underwear must be worn at least once by me. ( a bit strange but he wanted to and I don’t see the harm ). He has a job and I’ve agreed that he gives me 60% of his earnings, not 100% because it’s minimum wage because he’s 15 and he has to pay for train fare to get to school. Finally I decided that he must be shaved of his body hair.

He always says thank you sir once we’re finished speaking. He cleaned my feet tonight with his mouth and I punched him in the balls and he thanked me. I also made him clean my dirty sneakers (using his mouth cause it’s funny) but I’m just not sure about actually having it off yet.

Sadly, all of this teasing with his brother left Master Toby with an ache in his balls that required relief.

Yeah I was saying to you that I wanted to focus on my brother, but after what you said and after tonight with my bro I had blue balls and my girlfriend is to worried about Covid. I went to my faggots house and let him suck my dick, speaking of, I face fucked him, guess that’s my preference.

It was pretty good, much better than any bitch before. You faggots are On another level. I think he liked sniffing my feet and balls more than sucking my dick. The faggot swallowed very drop, it was like it was the fucking elixir of life. He thanked me so much, I gave him a pair of my dirty undies to wear, and he nearly came.

At one point during the blow job he went to touch his dick and I kicked him in the balls and told him off. I was suprised he touched it. I was furious, I kicked as hard as I could, kinda wish I kept my boots on so it would be really hard. I told never to touch his dick my presence and was very apologetic, I face fucked him for punishment, but in hindsite he probably enjoyed a face fucking.

He did this incredible thing where he when all the way down and was sniffing my bush, and then peaking his toungue out and licking my balls. He looked at me the whole time too.

So there it was – Master Toby received his first blowjob from a faggot! And, as always, faggots never disappoint!

But there was still the matter of Master Toby’s fag brother Jamie. Master Toby determined that he would seal the deal with Jamie the following day.

In the morning I received a message from Master Toby informing me that his plan is going into action.

He is still locked and I’ve just gone for my run, I’m wearing my tight green Calvins, jogging bottoms, a tight white shirt (love to show off my muscles, they bitches and fags drool) my gold necklace and trainers with white Adidas socks. I smell fucking bad faggot, no deodorant and the calvins are my lucky football ones.

As usual, Alphas think their godly bodies stink when they really smell like heaven.

After a while, I received the following message from Master Toby:

Just finished with my faggot, he’s officially mine. It was amazing. He came in and said hello sir, I ordered him to undress and he got straight on his knees in front of me, I was sitting on the sofa man spread so he had easy access, he started at my feet, bear in mind I smelt strongly of man after I had been on a run, he took of my trainers sniffed my dirty socks and then tongue cleaned my feet meticulously. I ordered him up to my pits, he pushed my shortsleeved shirt down and cleaned them with such passion. After a little while I took my shirt off and then I drew his attention to my nuts, the were so heavy with scent I could smell them, he pulled my Calvin Kleins down and sniffed so deeply I thought he was gonna pass out, he cleaned them and then I gave him permission to move up to my cock as I was getting aroused; eventually I just grabbed his head and face fucked him until I shot my load into his throat. After that I threw him off of me by his hair and said, “I’m having a shower have my clean clothes ready, put on my dirty boxers and fuck off to bed.”


I’m not sure what impresses me the most … The aggression, the back-to-back claiming of faggots, or Master Toby’s nonchalance about it all!

Like I’ve said, there is nothing terribly surprising about anything an Apex Alpha might do. They live in rarified air in a world they own completely. Master Toby is just learning this, but the awesome responsibility isn’t phasing him at all.

I know that conservative-minded people might object to the incestuous nature of Master Toby’s ownership of his faggot brother, but it really illustrates how Hierarchy supersedes all other considerations. All that truly matters between Men is the enforcing of Hierarchical principles.

When Jamie is sucking his older brother’s dick (and Master Toby is commanding him to), they are not brothers. They are simply an Alpha and a faggot fulfilling their ancient roles.