This post is part of a thread chronicling the Alphahood of Apex Alpha Master Ursus, a straight Alpha who has been owning and using faggots since high school. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

I think Master Ursus is one of the more intriguing straight Alphas I’ve encountered in at least a year. His writing is expressive and detailed, and his observations are logic-based and supported by evidence. He very much reminds me of Straight Alpha Mike, one of the iconic married Alphas from my time on Tumblr.

Master Ursus shared with me a little situation developing with his neighbors across the street. I think it shows how straight Alpha Packs form and begin to develop an acceptance of faggot service.

Last week I saw something interesting on the beach.  

A few months ago a herd of boys moved in across the street from me.  Its a blended family and as far as I can tell between mom and dad they have five boys.  The oldest are twins and they just graduated from high school according to the yard signs.  The other three look to be younger by about a year each.  The oldest have pimped out pickups, popular around here with the young guys into surfing, fishing, kite boarding etc.  They all just wear the short short shorts that have been popular around here for a few years, between all of them they usually aren’t wearing enough fabric to make a throw pillow.  

They always have a lot of friends around, outside doing this or that, tinkering with skateboards or their boat or dirtbikes or whatever.  All their friends seem to be super hot toned jocks/surfers too.  Once I was out there and one was leaning into a car window talking with a girl.  When she drove off, he smiled and waved at me, his big boner about to come out of his shorts leg.  I’ve drooled plenty looking at them these months, but even the ones that are 18 are still neighbors…..steer clear!

But on the beach last week was one of them, mid-high school type age, along with a younger boy I hadn’t seen before.  It was almost dusk and it was just us out there.  They were fooling around and the older guy was flexing and then letting the younger small very scrawny kid touch his biceps, then six pack and abs.  Then the guy shucked his shorts and was wearing these white compression shorts, like the kind for Lacrosse, that left nothing to the imagination.  He started going in the ocean and the younger guy followed, still wearing t-shirt.  The older one pulled the shirt off of him and tossed it on the sand, I presume the younger guy was embarrassed cause he had no muscles.  They horsed around in the ocean, the older one kind of roughing the younger one, and then left.  

I dried off and left 10 or 15 minutes later.  The path back from that part of the beach is several hundred yards long and goes through thick bush.  Ahead of me, the two came out of a side trail that goes into the bushes.  (I have fucked a few beachtwinks’ facepussies back on that trail…).  When they got out on the main trail, they looked back, saw me, and kind of scurried ahead and out of sight.  The younger kid was shirtless again, and I was pretty sure he had put his T back on before leaving the beach.  What were they doing back in those bushes?!  They must have gone elsewhere because I didn’t see them again and we would have walked the same route home.  I like to think at least one of those teen gods across the street has discovered faggots and has Alpha blood coursing through his horny veins!  

What do you think about what Master Ursus has uncovered? Personally, I believe this one Alpha has snared himself a faggot and is using it away from the house. If so, then history says it’s only a matter of time before this Alpha introduces his closest Alpha brothers within the Pack to his faggot. Before long all of the members of the Pack will get a turn and start branching out.

I suggested that Master Ursus should display one of his faggots for examination by the Pack. I felt like this might allow him to possibly mentor some of these young Alphas. However, Master Ursus shot that suggestion down, preferring to take a subtler approach.

What I am sure of is this: Master Ursus will continue to monitor the development of these Alphas and add his input if Nature allows an opportunity. This is a part of the responsibility Alpha brothers feel to maintain and refine the Alpha fraternity. It is a magnificent system that allows Alphas to maintain and consolidate their power over our world.