[hater disclaimer: this story was passed along to me by a faggot from Miami. I did not vet the accuracy of the story, interview third-grade teachers, check hair samples and video surveillance, or utilize lie detectors. Read at your own risk.]

I’ve been sucking straight dick for more than 20 years. When I first began writing about my experiences wrangling straight Alphas and serving them, I was roundly criticized for making shit up.

Six years ago when I started this site, I was one of the loudest voices publicizing this basic truth, and I was genuinely baffled by the disbelief I received. Later my stance was supported by powerful straight married Alphas like Natural Hung Bull or Straight Alpha Mike who verified that straight Alphas do indeed use faggots, and that they are approachable by faggots.

Then I began to explain how I make an offer to straight strangers I meet in life. And yet again I was blasted by unbelievers who told me I was full of shit.

But every so often I get a message from a faggot who gathers up the necessary courage and tries my advice … and they come back to me with awesome success stories.

The latest story comes from a faggot I’m going to name Miami.

Hi Sam. I am a HUGE fan. I love what you do. I have dozens of great stories of times when I have sucked cock BUT it wasn’t until I started reading your site that I got the courage to be direct about it.

So literally just last week, I met up with a colleague of mine. A man I’ve worked with for many years. He was in town and we decided to grab dinner. We’re both mid-30s professional dudes. He’s married with a few kids. I’m single but date around occasionally. We’re friendly but not necessarily friends. We grabbed dinner and talked business, figured out what we needed to.

Then, as we were having a last drink (we were at a restaurant a few blocks from his hotel), he hinted that he was hoping to find a woman while he was in town. I can’t be judgmental of others, and I don’t have any judgment about his marriage or who he does what with.

But it was my opening. I remembered your advice to cocksuckers to be direct.

Now let me tell you about him quickly: He is about 6’2 and I’d say 180-190 pounds. He works out regularly but really more of a dad body with muscular arms and shoulders…at least that’s all I’ve been able to see. Dark wavy hair; extremely handsome masculine face; dark features, And my favorite…HUGE hands. It was the first thing I noticed about him when we met 8 or so years ago.

So, he makes this comment about finding a woman, And I said, “You know, P—, there’s an easy way for you to get your rocks off.” He was surprised to hear me talk like this. I said, “Have you ever heard of a cocksucker?” He laughed – god his smile is so amazing – he thought I was joking.

I kept a straight face and he said, “What do you mean?” Seeing that I was serious. I said “there is a special sub-class of gay and bi men who identify as cocksuckers. This means that they live and die to just suck dick.” He opened his eyes even bigger and said “Really?” I told him that cocksuckers live to be between a Man’s legs and will focus on all of the areas that a woman just doesn’t know – his balls, under his balls, his thighs, his feet.

He leaned in and said really quietly, “How do I find one?” I said you’ve been working with one for 8 years.

The check just happen to come at that moment, and he threw down a bunch of cash. He said, “I have to make a phone call, but come to Room such-and-such in 30 minutes at the hotel.” So of course, I went.

He had propped the door open, and was seated on the couch at the end of the room. When I walked in, his back was basically to me, but I could see that he was shirtless. I walked around the couch, and he was sitting there, legs spread, in nothing but his boxer briefs. He was slightly stocky, but his torso was covered in this beautiful dark fur and his arms were just resting on the back of the couch. I could see his pits. Big biceps, big shoulders, beautiful pecs. A real man. And his legs. Hairy and muscular, with a set of Size 14 feet ending each.

“Get to work.” That’s what he said! I could have cum right then.

I got down on my knees between his legs. And I helped pull off his boxer briefs. The smell of his crotch hit me and I was gone. Passed out in faggot heaven. His dick was starting to get hard and was so perfectly thick. He wasn’t too verbal, but I edged him quite a few times. After about an hour, he said his balls couldn’t take it any more and he “needed to nut.” I kept going. About 30 seconds later, I felt his huge left hand come down HARD on the back of my head, which pushed his Manhood deep into my throat, and he gave me a wonderful load.

I cleaned him up, and he was extremely grateful. And PROMISED to feed me again next time I see him. All thanks to you!!!!!

I fucking love success stories like this from brave faggots who follow my advice and push themselves and their offer out there to straight Men. I’m telling you, there will be lots of success stories if you do the same.

Thanks to Miami fag for sharing his amazing victory with me!