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Well, the first story featuring the adventures of Miami fag really inspired a bunch of faggots out there. They were positively vibrating with excitement!

That’s the power of the direct approach in action!

Frankly, Miami fag was pretty thrilled to see his story published and the positive feedback it received, too. So he wanted to share another true story (see disclaimer below) of a crazy encounter he had … with his boss.

OK. Here’s the story of me sucking off my boss. One of the hottest things that’s EVER happened to me.

So about 10 years, I was living in Washington, DC. I work as a consultant. My boss and I were always close. He was a real mentor to me when I was first starting out, and he hired me just when I needed a job. He’s a great boss too. He is 12 years older than I am and much taller (I am 5’9, he is 6’4). For a guy in his late 40s, he is in incredible shape too. We would occasionally work out together, and he could run circles around me in the gym (and I know my way around the equipment!). Long story short, we were always close, but he was also always the boss – I followed orders, he gave them.

One day, I decided to take a sick day so that I could spend the day giving head. Twice a month I’d get in the habit of posting craigslist ads offering no recip oral sessions for straight, hung men. Had a lot of great experiences doing this and have been able to provide oral relief to hundreds and hundreds of men over the years.

This one day, I posted an ad, and I received a great response. The guy said he was married, never got head, and his wife had basically stopped interacting with him. He said he needed a muscular faggot to push around a little bit and to take care of him. He sent a picture – lean, athletic body, but no dick pic included. I do not require face or dick pics to meet; however, given my professional status and my personal looks, I consider myself to be a cocksucker only for top notch Alpha men. When a man shows up for head, I can tell if he is a real Alpha or not. The fake ones, I always turn away. So, it doesn’t matter if no face or dick pic, because I will absolutely turn them away if they do not meet my expectations. (I’m sure this will cause some cocksucker controversy!!! :).

(This is a bit bothersome. It’s unwise for faggots to be this arrogant. Nothing against Miami fag here – what he’s doing is working – but having this kind of attitude will lead to disaster more often than success.)

So, I take the risk. I gave him my address and we decided to meet about 1 hour later. Whenever I’m about to service a Man, I get butterflies in my stomach – the adrenaline rush is unbelievable. So, the time came, and I went outside (I lived in an apartment building at that time) to wait.

And then I saw him, my boss. He had parked his car and was walking towwards my building. He saw me. He put two and two together. So did I. He approached me, and I just said, “It doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t change anything. It won’t change anything.” And he just said, “Promise?” And I said, “Yes. 100%.” He looked so nervous, but we went upstairs anyway.

As soon as we entered my apartment, his entire mood changed. He is usually the nicest and friendliest guy. All of sudden, he became extremely serious. Made me take off my clothes and tell him why I deserved to suck his dick. He put his big hand behind my head and put my face right in his and said, I will never forget, “I’ve always wanted to fuck your face, faggot.” Then he spit right in my face. He took off his shirt, and then everything but his underwear. He made me pull those off and I couldn’t believe my eyes. One of the biggest Manhoods I’ve ever seen. It was a good length, probably 8″, but the girth was incredible. Thicker than a beer can, or so it seemed.

I went in to start servicing, but he pushed me away. “Smell it first.” He made me smell his dick for a good few minutes and tell him why I should be allowed to suck it. I was in heaven, Sam. It was unbelievable. Finally, he let me suck it. And when he got close, he asked if I swallow. I said “Yes, sir, I do.” And just like that, he came, right down my throat.

He got dressed, left, and we NEVER spoke of it again. And we had a great working relationship after that too. (I should explain that, while I am a faggot and I am meant to serve men, and while I LOVE all men and their beautiful penises, I only service the highest quality alphas. I am an “alpha” in real life myself – I always make more money than the men who want their dicks sucked, I am great looking, have an incredible body, etc. For me, I need a TRUE alpha to feed me. It’s hard to find TRUE alphas. Some men just pretend. They see this as role play, as a game. They want to feel 15 minutes of power by pretending to be a real alpha who is in charge. When I find men who ARE truly in charge, my heart races and my adrenaline pumps.)

Never sucked him again. But, thanks to you, the next time I see him, I will be VERY direct about it. I have a plan. Hoping to see him in September at an event. Planning to say something to him like, “If you need a repeat, sir, you know where to find me.” Just let him know it’s all good.

This was handled impeccably. Business-like, appropriately. I mean aside from the spitting and throat fucking and the cumshot, of course.

Ask yourself – if you saw your boss walking up the drive on his way to use your mouth, would you have the nerve to go through with it? Would you be able to steel yourself and improvise on the fly in order to make sure you perform properly?

This is what separates faggots from the pretenders. True faggots can put everything in the line for the sake of purpose!

Thank you Miami fag for sharing this amazing story!

[hater disclaimer: this story was passed along to me by a faggot from Miami. I did not vet the accuracy of the story, interview third-grade teachers, check hair samples and video surveillance, or utilize lie detectors. Read at your own risk.]