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It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from professional cocksucker Miami fag. Believe me, I know how much sucking dick can consume one’s life, so the delay didn’t rattle me.

But boy, he returned with a vengeance! Check out this true story my fag brother unloaded on me (gross!) two days ago:

Back when I was working from home a lot, there was a huge construction project near my apartment in DC. It was a multi-year project and took a long time to complete. On one corner of the huge two-block lot was the construction site headquarters/office building – really just a little trailer with an office inside, as I envision it. I lived in a relatively quiet part of the city, but the neighborhood was full of apartment buildings, some houses, retail buildings, etc. I passed by the construction office twice daily on my walk to work. And on the days when I’d stay home and service Men, as I mentioned to you previously, I might walk by quite a few times on my way to the store.

Soon after the construction project began, I happened to notice one of the construction managers or foremen regularly. He looked young – my age – early 30s. He was about my height (5’10) but built – like very muscular. He always had on a button down shirt, nice jeans, heavy work boots, and his hard hat. His job, or so it looked, was to oversee the site, make sure deliveries were made on time, make sure the work progressed on schedule. He was tough, I could tell. He never looked happy or friendly. He only ever looked agitated and angry. I watched him really boss around the guys as I’d walk by. This was a Man who was in charge.

One day, I walked by the morning and saw him. He caught my eye, and I caught his, and he gave me a little nod. Big frown on his face. But it was an acknowledgment that we see each other daily. That evening, he was leaving right around the same time I was headed out. In fact, he almost hit me with his huge pickup truck exiting the site as I was crossing the sidewalk. (You know those pickups with the huge freaking tires?) He rolled his window down and said sorry he didn’t see me. I was pretty upset, actually, because this monster truck almost hit me!

He turned off the engine and stepped out and offered a super sincere apology. And seeing that he was so serious, and seeing him up close and realizing what a fucking stud he was, I shook off the bad feeling. He introduced himself as Tony and shook my hand with incredible strength. And his hands, they were absolutely huge.

What happened next was incredible. He and I talked for a few minutes, I told him I live in the area, he asked about the neighborhood, he told me about the project, small talk. Friendly enough, but he was all serious. No smiling, no frivolity. After some time, he simply said, “let me park this truck. Be right back.” He backed up his truck, parked it by the trailer, and beckoned me over. I approached and he said, “give me a tour of the neighborhood.” OK, I said, I like making new friends. And he was so fucking hot. One of the most masculine men I have ever met.

So we start walking, and I point out a few buildings, including my apartment building. We end up standing in front of my building, and I try to say goodnight to him. He said, “I was hoping you’d give me some head, to be honest.” I couldn’t believe it. It was a dream come true. My adrenaline was rushing like crazy. I took him upstairs, and he walked in like he owned the place. Never saw him smile. He just walked in, kicked off his work boots, and dropped his pants. I never said a word. I slid off his tight white underwear, and the day’s scent was all over him. His cock was incredible. It was hard already, and beer-can thick. Literally beer can. His nuts were HUGE. I gave him the best head I possibly could, and he lasted quite a while! About 30 seconds in, he became VERY forceful. Calling me a faggot, and even spitting in my face. Sam, it was fucking amazing.

After a while – I don’t know how long – he simply put his giant paw on the back of my head, pushed himself down into my throat, and unloaded. One deep low grunt. He stood up, said thanks fag, and pushed me HARD down on the floor. Like kind of hurt me. As I tried to get up, he held me down with his hand on my chest and said, “see you tomorrow faggot.”

And for the next 16 months, I serviced him at least four times a week. 🙂


Notice how subtle Miami fag was in dealing with Tony the foreman. Miami fag gave this foreman enough safety and normalcy that he felt comfortable enough to simply demand service.

But the best lesson in this story is for any Alphas reading this. THIS IS YOUR RIGHT. As Alphas, it is your right to be impolite about your needs, to expect that inferior males should kneel and service you on command.

Why would any Man ever worry about offending a faggot by demanding head? THIS IS WHY WE EXIST. So this is what it really comes down to: Alphas acting on their true impulses rather than attempt to conform to society’s expectations.

“Miami fags” are everywhere, mouths open, begging to be used.

[hater disclaimer: this story was passed along to me by a faggot from Miami. I did not vet the accuracy of the story, interview third-grade teachers, check hair samples and video surveillance, or utilize lie detectors. Read at your own risk.]