This thread follows the extraordinary story of Michael, a brave faggot who lives in an apartment building full of Alphas and began servicing many of them after he made himself available. CLICK HERE for all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

It’s been a long summer without hearing from my dear faggot brother Michael. I never worry too much about him – he’s resilient and clever and will always land on his knees – but I just miss him sometimes. We are kindred spirits in many ways, but Michael has tripped into a series of service arrangements that are part skill, part tenacity, and part miracle. Even I cannot claim to have had such an incredible string of success like Michael.

Fortunately the new college semester is beginning, and with it Master Theo. As you might remember, Master Theo is the straight Apex Alpha son of Michael’s former Master/boss William. Master William’s new assignment for his prized faggot was to accompany his son to UCLA for his first year of college and serve him there.

This is like every faggot’s wet, chastity-caged dream come to life.

So Michael wrote me a quick update:

It’s been a while Sam, so let me bring you up to date.  my Alpha god Theo started UCLA this Summer.  The school runs on a quarter system and His coach wanted Him to start before the other Freshmen started in September, so He could get some serious time with the trainer, and get a couple of courses in since He will be taking a lighter load during the baseball season.   Because Theo is on an athletic scholarship, He is required to live in the dorms.  But He managed to score a single room, which makes my life a whole lot easier.  He also has rented a two bedroom apartment which is an easy bike ride from the University.  i sleep there in the second bedroom.  The “Master Suite” is reserved for Theo. 

Somehow (i can only guess that it cost His dad, William a pretty penny), but Theo has an extra key card that i use to gain access to His dorm and to His room.  i know His class and workout schedules, And so every day, after He has left for class or the gym or His run, i slip into His room, change the bed linens and make His bed, clean His room, gather up His dirty clothes and take them back to the apartment where i wash and iron them and bring them back the next day.  Occasionally, He will call me over at night, if He feels the need to unload.

Nominally, i have a job at a company that is run by a guy named Steve, who is a friend of Theo’s father.  i am pretty sure that Steve knows of my situation, and is very flexible about my coming and going.  When i am there i work in the office following up on customer complaints, which are very few, since this is a first class outfit.  i understand that i am also expected to give Steve head from time to time.  (i think this is a new thing for Steve — we shall see how this progresses.) 

So there you have it, Sam– a new city, a new situation, new opportunities to serve.  What more could a faggot want?

I am trying to get clarification from Michael about his new boss Steve, and whether or not he’s actually serving Steve or planning to serve him. I’ll update that if I hear back from Michael about it.

But overall this is a pretty phenomenal arrangement. I’m sure Michael loves those late-night service calls from Master Theo! There are so many ways Michael can be useful to his young God during his first year at college. Just think about Michael’s days, throating his boss at work, followed by sniffing Master Theo’s dirty underwear and cleaning up his used condoms and dirty sheets … it’s literally a faggot fairy tale.

In the middle of it all is one of the most industrious faggots I know. This situation is the reward for all of the years of brave, dedicated service.

I love you Michael!

UPDATE: Michael wrote me back with an answer to my questions.

i think that servicing my new boss Steve was part of the deal Theo’s dad, William cut with Steve. Steve knew when He agreed to take me on as an employee that my first responsibility was to serve my Alpha god Theo, and that i would be coming late to work and leaving early at times. Before we left, William explained to Theo and me that Steve knew of my service to Theo and that He might expect that i provide Him some sexual service. It was maybe three weeks before Steve requested a blow job. As you might expect, Sam, i did my utmost. Steve was impressed, gratified, but it was maybe another couple of weeks until He again requested that i give Him head. i think that this really is not Steve’s “thing.” But i think He is satisfied with the arrangement overall (i actually perform very well at my (nominal) job of dealing with customer complaints).

He also added this bit about serving Master Theo:

i think you are right, Sam, that my service to Theo is a God-send. i cannot tell you how satisfying this service is to me. i am thrilled that Theo is coming into His own Alpha-ness, accepting my service as His due (which, of course, it is) and growing ever more comfortable in His awe inspiring Superiority.

Beautiful! ❤️