This thread follows the extraordinary story of Michael, a brave faggot who lives in an apartment building full of Alphas and began servicing many of them after he made himself available. CLICK HERE for all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

When I first met Michael, I knew instantly that he was a good faggot. How? Because he fearlessly pursued the fundamentals and made service a priority. This isn’t difficult. It simply requires courage and focus and humility. Michael has all of those qualities, and that led to his remarkable run of Alphas in his apartment complex.

Since then, I’ve come to know much more about Michael, and I can confidently state that he might be one of the greatest living non-porn faggots in the world. Since the apartment building assignment, Michael’s pure dedication to service has led to increasingly-incredible opportunities that make my mouth water. It has been one of the great privileges of my time with this site that I’ve been blessed to carry his experiences and encouragement.

With that said, Michael’s latest update is a real stunner; I’m so glad I kept pestering him to update me on his situation. I had to read it twice to digest it fully. Just read:

sam,  Thanks for asking.  i am super happy and super fulfilled in service to my teen Alpha god, Theo.

you and i have had this conversation before, but i never cease to be astounded by how naturally and instinctively an Alpha finds His Alphaness and imposes it on His willing faggot servant.  Theo’s need to unload is virtually perpetual — way in excess of the average 18-year-old male (at least in my experience).  i am expected to be there when He wakes up in the morning to take His morning load before He has the breakfast i prepare for Him and He heads off to school.  i am there when He comes home from practice to take His afternoon load.  Sometimes if He has a free period during the school day, He will text me and i slip out of work and head over to the high school.  my boss William (more about Him later) knows that i am going over to service his son and so He is very accommodating (not to me, but to His son Theo.)  And, of course i am there in the evening to take His last load before He goes to bed.

my service to Theo is pretty much a full-time job in addition to my regular full-time job.  i clean His apartment above the garage every day after i give him His morning BJ and send Him off to school.  i do His laundry.  Detail His car before He goes off on a date and keep it filled with gas.  i help Him with His class assignments and often, just do them for Him — not because He doesn’t understand the schoolwork (because He is brilliant) but rather because there are so many more enjoyable things He could do with that time — the gym, fucking girls or hanging with His buds.  He understands that He can call upon me at any time to run even the most trivial errands just because He can, and just because He knows that i am thrilled to do things for Him.

And as always, i am blown away by the supreme confidence that Alpha males have.  you will recall that Theo had inquired of my service to His father, William, and i told Him that that service did not include sexual service.  Well, one evening I am nourishing myself on Theo’s cock when His dad walks in.  Theo doesn’t miss a beat.  “Dad, the faggot tells me that it’s never given you a blow job.  You don’t know what you’re missing.”  William just stands there watching while Theo has a massive orgasm and deposits so much cum in my mouth (His fourth load of the day) that i cannot swallow it all, and a good amount dribbles out of the corner of my mouth.  “Take care of my dad,” Theo orders.  i go over, look up at William with pleading eyes and ask, “may i Sir?”  He nods and i unzip Him, take out an impressive cock and go to work.  i am thrilled to say that William is not just pleased, but overwhelmed.  i get to suck William off from time to time now.  Never at work, but often after i have blown Theo, He will direct me to go over to the big house and take care of His dad.

Now here’s the problem.  Theo will be going off to college in the Fall.  The acceptances come in next week, but all the schools He’s applied to are out of town.  If i am to continue my service to Him i will have to relocate.  William is trying to set something up for me to be “assigned” to the office of a client or of a friend of His so that i can continue in my service to Theo.  It depends on where Theo ends up going to college.  Stay tuned.

regards,  michael

Frankly, this is such a remarkable experience that I barely knew where to begin. First of all, this is yet another example of a straight Alpha father and straight Alpha son sharing a faggot together. I’ve covered enough of these true stories (from different cultures, too!) that this must be a rite of passage for Alphas. The empirical evidence clearly supports this.

Then I wonder in amazement at Michael’s workload and tirelessness in service. He literally must not have time to breathe these days with these expectant Alphas running him ragged. Priests in a monastery don’t dedicate themselves to this degree. It’s jaw-dropping.

But then that last part about being moved by his boss Alpha William so that Michael can continue to service his son at college … WOW! That’s mind-blowing. What a privilege to be so valued by two Alpha gods that they move heaven and earth so you can keep worshiping them!

I remember when I first began writing down the principles I lived by in my service to Alphas, and I felt alone and exasperated by the failure of my fag brothers to take this seriously. It was like they didn’t believe the possibilities of fulfillment if they would just dedicate themselves to it.

And then my beautiful brother Michael seemingly dropped out of the sky and perfectly embodied everything I had been preaching all along. And look at how happy and fulfilled he is! You can be just like him!

I am so very grateful to my brother for his honesty and his example. I love the inspiration (and, frankly, competition) Michael gives me. Thank you, my dear friend!