This thread follows the extraordinary story of Michael, a brave faggot who lives in an apartment building full of Alphas and began servicing many of them after he made himself available. CLICK HERE for all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve heard from Michael, one of the greatest faggots I’ve ever met through this website. Groomed in childhood by his Alpha father, Michael has developed into the ultimate slave of Men. Even better, he’s completely fulfilled and satisfied because of his devotion to his calling.

Michael’s story has been so inspirational to the faggots who read this site that they have been clamoring for an update from Michael. I’d send him emails and they’d go unanswered, and I began to worry that maybe Eric (the straight young Alpha using him) might’ve done him harm.

Then, finally, an update!

Once again, Michael’s story has taken another hard-right I didn’t see coming. Here’s his update:

When we last communicated, i had brought this young jock god (Eric) to live in my apartment.  He had enrolled in a local college, but all His classes were online.  A few months ago He decided that He didn’t want to live with me anymore.  The solution was that i had to move out.  Of course, i still pay the rent and come by every day to clean the place and do His (and His new roommate god’s) laundry, do the cooking.  Other than the (too) rare occasion when i happen to be there doing laundry or cleaning the apartment and He feels the need to unload, i am no longer serving Eric sexually. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. 

Let’s stop there and catch our breath. Eric, the 18-year-old Apex Alpha living with and using Michael has essentially kicked Michael out of his own apartment, but Michael is still blessed with paying his bills!! That is bewildering! These so-called “cashmasters” in findom have nothing on Master Eric!

But don’t pity poor Michael. He has moved onto his newest conquest!

This has freed me up to worship and serve this amazing Alpha — a Man in His 50s, in incredible physical condition, super intelligent, and with the experience to KNOW what service He is entitled to from His faggot. The 50ish Alpha is named William (not Bill) and actually works for the same company that i work for.  He definitely is worth breaking my rule about affairs in the office.  It gives me the opportunity to serve Him in so many subtle ways in the office that i am perpetually chubbed up at work.  And He is an outrageous tease, tormenting me every time we run into each other at work.  He has put me in a chastity device and checks to see that it is in place frequently during the day while at work.  i get outrageous text demands from Him all day long in addition to the numerous services i perform just as a natural incident that i am His faggot. So life is good — in service to three Alpha gods.

Here is an example of why younger faggots should submit and serve older Alphas! Sure, younger Alphas have the energy and the exuberant enthusiasm that drives faggots wild, but older Alphas have the craft and cunning to really enslave faggots in ways they cannot even anticipate.

Now Michael has found himself in the clutches of a true Master! And this new Master has already given Michael the blessing of a locked cock!

I’m so utterly proud of Michael! Brothers, this is what can happen when we drop our guards, eagerly submit, and then SERVE! Thank you Michael for the reminders of your life and example!