This thread follows the extraordinary story of Michael, a brave faggot who lives in an apartment building full of Alphas and began servicing many of them after he made himself available. CLICK HERE for all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

At the end of the last update you might remember that Michael said that his office boss and Master, William, told Michael that he would be accompanying his god/son Master Theo to whatever college he was going to choose in order to continue serving and pleasing him there.

Well, Michael excitedly wrote to me once he received the news of his new assignment:

Sam, It was a tough competition but UCLA is the winner.  It beat out a couple of Ivy League schools and another top-flite state university and it WON my Alpha Theo as a student and for its baseball team.  Los Angeles is an awesome city for an Alpha Male and His lucky faggot.  i’ll keep you posted as to the exciting details as they unfold.  Regards,  michael

Michael is right – Los Angeles is a perfect city for a young, virile Alpha King to stay for a few years. There is a lot of delusional, attractive pussy to fuck, lots of money flying everywhere, and the spotlight of the nation beaming directly onto it.

And behind the scenes, working tirelessly to support Master Theo’s L.A. Alpha lifestyle, will be his trusty faggot Michael! It’s a dream assignment for any faggot, and definitely a reward for Michael’s faithful service! I’m just as excited as he is!

[hater disclaimer: this story was passed along to me by a faggot from Miami. I did not vet the accuracy of the story, interview third-grade teachers, check hair samples and video surveillance, or utilize lie detectors. Read at your own risk.]