Some readers have taken it upon themselves to complain to me about some of the topics covered on this site.

Mind you – I do not consider this to be an entertainment site. I designed it to be educational in nature. I tell true stories about real people in actual life situations. I write informational articles about how to be a better faggot or how to become a more powerful Alpha. This is distilled from a lifetime of service to Alphas, as well as the many situations I’ve known over the years.

In the process I have helped an untold number of people find purpose and fulfillment.

Despite all of this, I’m still receiving this hate. It’s bewildering to me. Who knows why anyone feels the need to go to a website they hate and spit on it simply because they disagree with its message or cannot understand it. But I do think it’s pretty sad.

Anyway, I had someone accuse me of exploiting “barely-legal faggots” and praising the abusers of them. I have no idea what this person is even referencing. But I wrote the following in response. Pay attention, everybody:

I understand the fine line I walk with this website. I also know this part of Hierarchy is unpleasant and unconscionable to many people.

But these events and people and circumstances are REAL. They are really happening around the world every day. I view myself as a type of reporter for Hierarchy. I am simply casting light on the dark corners of Hierarchy and allowing people to see what’s really happening there. Sometimes it turns me on, and sometimes it disgusts me. If it really angers me, I think there are more than enough posts here to show I really come down hard against it.

I used to be much more opinionated about many aspects of the Dom/sub underworld, but I’ve learned to temper my opinions and simply present them. Too often in the past I would slam something that some segment of my audience would love, and I would inadvertently upset them. So I present real-life situations that describe the breadth and depth of Male Hierarchy in all of its beauty … as well as all of its ugliness.

The beautiful and the ugly co-exist in every part of our world. I’m not going to steer the site away from ugly behavior and only paint a rosy picture of Alpha/fag encounters. That’s not reality. The faggots (in particular) who come here searching for answers deserve the truth, good and bad, so they can be prepared. I would not be doing my job if I lied to them.

If you want love stories, go to Nifty. I report the truth. That’s all I’ve ever done here, and I’ve never backed down when faced with backlash. I’m not going to stop now, either.

You are free to never come back. See how easy that is?

I mean it. If this site’s message or delivery of real events bothers you, stop coming here. It’s not stopping. There are simply too many true experiences of Hierarchical reality out there to uncover and examine.

These detractors are really not going to like some of the moves I’m planning next year, so it’s better if they get off this train now!

  • sam the faggot