The following amazing experience was written by @butlerboi27 on Tumblr. All faggots should read this exquisitely-detailed meeting between a true Alpha and a true faggot.

If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you’d know it’s about service and admiration for the best of Men. Alpha’s and wanting more than anything to do their bidding. Up until just a couple days ago, it had always been just that, lots of longing and practicing as well as reading what others had to say on it.

Literally a once in a decade phenomenon worked out where I found a Master (@studbudjock) I could relate to, found commonality with in our personal lives, shared the opposite ends of many kinks + desires and found attractive beyond measure. When work said I could have ten continuous days to travel for a ten year tenure reward we struck up a plan for a road trip to come visit.

Bundle of nerves and excited to finally experience something I’d dreamed about and never quite understood, I hopped in my car and drove ten hours across state lines to seek out that dream and make it happen. It blew every expectation out of the water and I wanted to start this by saying I couldn’t have done it without his training and encouragement, your messages of support and answering all my silly and inexperienced questions. In short, I wanted to be perfect for Him.

In the couple friends I’ve tried to relate this to, I started with the scariest part. Getting to my hotel early and pacing, organizing and unpacking so I would look my best and meet his orders. This called for me to kneel prostrate on the floor with only my cage as covering. It was one hour where I was sweating, massage oil was warmed in hot water, towels laid out on the bed, candle burning and my nervous gaze kept glancing and checking the phone for new messages. Every footstep or door creek out in the hallway made me jump and I filled the empty time with push-ups as routine and exercise makes me feel centered.

As I thought for sure he wouldn’t show and it just wasn’t something I was cut out to experience for myself, I heard the door Crack open with the key i’d left at the front desk. Heart pounding and all muscles taught, I waited with baited breath and every fiber of my being focused on the Man entering who owned me.

In walked the same person I had spoken to and checked in with every day for the last couple months, a smile that rose to his eyes when he saw me in return and an eyebrow raised when I hadn’t yet crawled over to kiss his shoes in greeting yet. Master was here now and all felt right, I could breathe and experience now. When I pressed my lips and expressed my relief, looking into his rugged face and appreciating his strength from the ground I was ready to give him everything I had in my power to make this the best two days he had ever had with a submissive servant at his side.

After the initial star struck moment I experienced began to fade, a feeling I can only describe as sub hunger overcame me. Could feel a deep pull to experience MORE and savor every sensory bit of Him now that he was standing right there and gazing into my green eyes from above. His palm grasping my head and first orders barely registering with my mind on cloud nine, it was time to act on instinct, to make him proud.

I began with undressing Him so he could get more comfortable, pausing only to bury my nose or lips on his incredibly sculpted and strong body. Everything in me wanted to get down to business but part of submission was acting on His plans and wishes, mine had to take a backseat. Everything caught up suddenly and my brain remembered what he wanted before lunch – massage and body worship.

In the weeks prior, and my long drive down, I can’t recall how many videos I had seen and articles I had read to make sure I could give Him the best massage I’d ever given. Using all the techniques I’d learned from watching, the greedy sub in me longed for validation now. It came quickly first in the form of growls grunts and then moans. It grew with praise as time slipped away for both of us, “that’s good touch, bitch” and “how’d you get so good if you had no one to practice on?” Left his lips and my efforts redoubled.

Sufficiently relaxed it was time to leave the safety and familiarity of the tasteful hotel room (selected by him, booked by me). We chose a Winery in the city. Opting for a 6 taste, wine flowed, nerves dulled and it was nice to learn more about each other. As was a frequent and fortunate case on this trip, the bartender offered us three free additional tastings and even gave us a tour behind the scenes when we said we were curious! Wild!! Perks of being with an Alpha male is everyone was eager to please Him.

Buoyed by wine and hungry at this point, we had Szechuan for lunch and sampled from each other’s plates. On full stomachs and good spirits, it was back to the hotel. More relaxation and massage was on order and I worked hard to elicit more of the noises I’d heard before as well as new ones. He was more comfortable the second round, saying “Good faggot, suck my feet and lick the sweat from between my toes”. He made sure to tease my pussy while I was hard at work and my mind was on fire the whole time.

Master expected a happy ending and upon first sight of his God Cock up close, I already had mine all set. It was perfect in every facet. My first view was great, the smell of it and his nuts intoxicating and finally the taste… The taste set me reeling. I can only describe it as sweet and delicious, I wanted it lodged as deep in me as it could go, and he met that need with His own. The feel of His strong hand gripping my head and setting the pace. The constant patter and direction from hit lips had me in the zone and I was a receptacle for him now. He came after minutes of deep throating and throat massage. It was incredible feeling it stretch my throat muscles and shoot burst after burst of a huge load straight into my belly. As I sucked the last remnants out he commented on my smile looking like the Cheshire cat.

First taste of Master was incredible and there was nothing more precious to me than earning His cum. I felt calm, sated, flushed with pleasure despite being locked up myself, it was better than any orgasm feeling his big strong body shudder with pleasure because of me and my ministrations.

We changed and went to the pool where I fetched us beers, chatted with some locals and soaked up the last of the days sunny rays. We retreated back to the room, hot sweaty and ready for a strip down, me attending to him always and leaving my bits for second. The ensuing shower before dinner was a sensual experience like no other. My admiration and worship as I soaped up his back and muscles was apparent. I can remember his grin as he enjoyed the sensations and I felt the hot water dripping down into my eyes from down on the hard tile floor.

Stepping out and kneeling to dry him down was a treat and the stage was set for dinner and a fun night out on the town…

As the Uber driver pulled away and we walked up to the nice and we’ll reviewed restaurant, I appreciated the way He looked dressed in nice clothes. He cleaned up extremely well.

As nice as He dressed, Master ordered even better. A fine soup, ice cold beer, a flat iron steak and my dish was one he’d mentioned off hand so he could graze on it and not have to sacrifice on his choice. The server was attentive and couldn’t stop glancing at Master. I was smiling again and feeling lucky just to sit at the same table. We talked about my performance so far, our views on politics, finance, careers and plans on the future. I signed for the check and we left the bar sated for some fun.

Prior to arriving, I’d looked up a secret prohibition bar in the city. You had to find a red phone booth downtown, enter a secret number not listed and it wasnt posted anywhere. After some quick thinking a neighboring restaurant helped me out. I dialed it on a rotary phone in the booth and to my utter shock, the back of the phone booth opened Into a building!

This bar was upscale and had amazing cocktails, we enjoyed a smoking old fashioned, whiskey sour, pimms cup and cigars while talking more about our lives, desires and what we hoped to achieve with me as his trusted servant. Just getting to hear him speak is an aphrodisiac to me, we were ready for the main event.

An Uber ride later and walking into our room it was animalistic at this point. Clothes shed quickly me straining against my cage and hungry for Master’s cock. Kissing was off the table but Master leaned down and stared straight through me. Close enough where I could smell his breath and feel it’s warmth. He hocked a loogie and spit it full force in the back of my throat, chuckling as my body shuddered with pleasure. After disrobing and folding his clothes, I massaged his feet angling my pussy at arms reach for his approval. His cock sprang to life quickly and pawing, hard slaps, as well as tapping right on the hole began.

He allowed my first experience to be slow as I lowered myself onto the thick girth of his Dick. It felt rapturous, I was full and ready to bounce, flexing every muscle to massage him and stroke at a slow pleasurous pace. I wanted this to last as long as possible and bring him something no other pussy could. Wanted Master to remember tonight fondly. He flipped me over to take charge spitting violently in my face, sweating now and enjoying his cum box, as he called me, to the fullest. Lost in his rut, I could feel his big hairy balls tense against me as I felt him pulse over and over inside me, filling me with his Alpha seed.

We lay there for awhile. Me appreciating his strength and stamina and worrying about him having to head home for work the next day. With my fingers tracing the hair across his muscular chest, He apparently had other plans and went for round two! It was longer harder and even more fun than the first if that’s even possible. I could now feel him leaking from me. He unlocked me and allowed me a release after three weeks solid of lockup. His massive hand felt up my pussy and as he leaned in for another hard spit I felt pleasure overtake every particle in my body. Covered in my fag juices we cleaned up and I hoped he could join me for more fun the next day…

Early morning started with us walking to breakfast. Neither of us fully awake from lack of sleep but me again full of excitement at spending more time with Master. His work allowed Him flexibility and I had booked professional massages at His behest with spa access. As with a few other things on this trip, they offered us a large discount on arrival due to miscommunication on timing! Life’s just better when you’re with an Alpha-it’s nuts!

This gave us time to squeeze in more fucking and service and that we did. Master enjoyed this one while I marveled at his virility. He made sure to spit this time repeatedly in my face, slapped me as I took His cock and held me tight as he growled in my ear during his final thrusts. He pumped till he shot His fourth load in the last 24 hours. Spent, He lay there as I scratched his back and cleaned Him off, Saying he wanted frequent access to my pussy and to make that happen. He made sure that I wore my skimpiest pink thong as we were leaving as He loved the idea of my masseuse and other men seeing me dressed in it. I wore it proudly as we hustled over, eager to follow all His orders.

The massages were wonderful as you’d imagine. Naturally I took lots of mental notes on how to improve my own and made constant comparisons. It was nice to experience something I viewed as far above my status with Him. We finished and smiled at each other, still feeling good and not ready to go back to the drudgery of the average day. When He suggested we visit the steam room and showers I practically jumped for joy in the quiet candle lit room.

Steam room was just us two at this hour. We sat in silence, taking in the therapeutic heat. I closed my eyes enjoying the hot steam on my skin taking deep breaths and trying to make time stand still. When I opened them again, Master’s robe was pulled aside and his dick was hard, standing at attention. With a nod from Him, I lowered my head to His crotch and began to lick and suck again. After a few minutes He stopped me and stood, leaving the room and walking towards a large shower stall, motioning for me to follow.

I rushed to follow behind Him, scared someone would see but excited and more horny than I’d ever been! He shut the glass door and curtain and set me back to work. I got to feel up all His muscles here too, and massage His scalp, neck and shoulders – amazing. As He looked back at me, He got a wicked look in his hazel eyes. He turned me around, lowering a bench from the wall and pushed me down on it, facing the wall. Using conditioner as lube His entry was still an earth shattering one for me. His hardness spreading my pussy lips and taking me to faggot nirvana. My senses were heightened and as the hot water fell on my back, I knew all that mattered was receiving more of His cum. His big hands gripped my waist on both sides, His cock thrusts were deep and hard. I felt my face slam into the wall a couple times, but I was long gone in pleasure. I tried to center myself and focus on the pussy pleasure He provided, massaging his cock to match His strokes and keep my moaning to a discrete level. His breaths became ragged and as he pushed in deeper at the end past my second ring, I felt the familiar pulsing and tightened balls against me signaling He was finished and sex was over.

I soaped off Master and dried him just as i’d posted pictures about before on my blog. Both of us were smiling at the near public spectacle we’d put on and both of us were hungry! As we changed, I stopped to use the restroom in the locker room, always seated, as faggots don’t stand in a men’s restroom. He later had a hell of a laugh at my expense because as I was peeling away my pink thong, it stuck to the hefty load leaking from my pussy hole. It felt much like ripping a band aid!

We enjoyed one last meal together at a burger joint, both hungry for solid servings of red meat. I assured my Master I was merely His servant, as many men fear over zealous faggots who become a nuisance and told Him I hoped He’d use me again in the future as it was the best two days I’d ever had in my whole life. My pussy belonged to Him now and the best sex of my life was a title He owned with no competition even coming close.

The drive out of the city was one full of reflection, joy at having fulfilled my life’s dream and achieving my ultimate purpose. I write this to remember everything as it felt in the moment, as a further tribute to the Alpha male I am lucky enough to serve and as hope for faggots questioning if they can ever experience all that kink between Men and faggots can offer, as I once questioned myself. Hope you enjoyed my memories and that someday I have more to share. Check out my Master @studbudjock to tribute an incredible Man and bring Him an even greater life 🙂