I received a lot of questions about the status of straight Alpha god Natural-Hung-Bull from Tumblr. It seems he was deleted due to complaints from Trumptard snowflakes about his scathing attacks on the criminal in the White House.

(EDIT: Now I’ve been terminated, too, despite not doing anything offensive!)

Shame on Tumblr for silencing such a unique and powerful voice in the Alpha community!

For now, you can find him on BDSMLR by CLICKING HERE.

That site is really awkward and messy (especially the backend), which is why I’m encouraging him to continue his writing here. He is an unforgettable teacher for both Alphas and faggots, and he has been a blinding light of truth in the community for years. It would be an honor to craft a place here (like a mini blog) for his incredible writing.

My other idea would be to create a site for him on my server so that it would be safe and uncensored forever.

The truth will not be silenced or extinguished on my watch. I will fight for that truth and for my Masters with every last breath, believe me.

This is not the end. It’s a beginning.

Just like this.