The black Alpha in the pic above goes by the Twitter handle @BULLYFEET. He is a straight Alpha Male with whom I’ve had some extensive and detailed conversations.

As you can see, he is a cash Master. But he isn’t in it necessarily for the money, although that is a nice perk. No, he absolutely loves owning faggot slaves. They do his laundry, clean his house, cook meals, chauffeur him to appointments, and a host of other duties. When he brings home women to fuck, the faggots are expected to take care of things for them. He openly tells these females that he owns faggot slaves.

He doesn’t use these faggots sexually. They exist to serve him and pay him.

For him, it’s purely about dominance. He has a career in the entertainment industry and makes a very good living. He doesn’t need the money or the attention.


This is the Hierarchy at its most primal and fundamental. Supreme Alphas deserve worship, and they accept it. Never doubt the existence of these incredible specimens of Alphahood.