I hear about it every week, how I shouldn’t glorify or discuss the seedier and morally-debatable aspects of Hierarchical mechanics. “You endorse rape!” they scream at me from the safety of their computer keyboard.

But if we’re honest, we must admit that sex and sexuality between Men is complicated and raw. It definitely cannot be neatly packaged or pigeonholed. The Alpha/fag dynamic of Hierarchy is Male sexual mechanics at its most extreme and volatile. Of course it’s going to be messy in every way imaginable … and also controversial.

The following experience from a brother named Kyle.

Where I’m at there are a lot of spots that are frequented by guys looking for sex. It’s also a spot where alphas/straight guys can use faggots in a discreet NSA way.

A few days back I went to a local spot and saw this younger twink sucking off an muscular alpha who was definitely a few years older than the twink. Because I also enjoy to watch and listen to other guys I watched them for a bit.

This alpha finally told the fag twink he was to bend over so he could fuck his ass, but the twink was apprehensive and said a couple times he didn’t want to get fucked. But the alpha being an alpha bent the twink and took his ass anyway. The faggot did struggle a little as well as say no.

I knew what was happening, but preferred to watch the faggot get used as it should be. It’s like nature taking its course.

By any modern definition, the twink was raped.

But here’s the hard truth: as males, we know deep down that this is how it’s supposed to happen. Alphas grabbing faggots and using them at will.

Kyle could’ve become indignant and tried to stop the Alpha from “raping” the faggot. He could’ve expressed moral outrage.

But he didn’t. He watched it happen while silently nodding his head in solidarity with the moment.

“As it should be.”